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There are a lot of people talking about the Samsung Nexus S and the Apple iPhone 4, but you might be interested in bucking the trend by picking up the T-Mobile G2 instead. This smartphone hasn't garnered the same kind of attention as some of its higher profile counterparts, but that doesn't mean that it should be ignored.

What Is the T-Mobile G2?

On a purely official level, the T-Mobile G2 can be viewed as the official successor to the T-Mobile G1. As you may recall, the G1 was the first ever Google Android phone to be sold in the United States. At the time, the Google Android platform was very much in its infancy, but the smartphone OS has since matured and expanded into a very powerful and robust community. There are many different manufacturers who make Android phones and these devices are available on just about every major carrier around the world.

The G2 shares some elements in common with the G1, but it represents a quantum upgrade. For example, both phones have a touchscreen display and a QWERTY keyboard, but the actual hardware internals found within are drastically different. The G2 loses the characteristic "chin" that used to be common to early-generation Android phones, making for a sleeker and cleaner appearance.

Offering some of the fastest nationwide wireless data speeds, the G2 is capable of using T-Mobile's 4G network. This can make mobile web browsing, wireless streaming, and other online activities a lot faster than what you would have experienced on a 3G network. In addition to the 3.7-inch touchscreen, there is also an optical trackpad, Swype text input, and built-in wireless-N. Other highlights include the five-megapixel camera, 720p HD video recording, microSD expansion slot, and Android 2.2 Froyo to go along with the 800MHz Qualcomm MSM 7230 processor.

Also Known as the HTC Desire Z

While the smartphone is sold as the T-Mobile G2 in the United States, the same phone is actually sold in many different markets around the world by many different carriers. Not surprisingly, these other carriers do not want to refer to the phone as a T-Mobile device.

One such example is Bell Mobility, a wireless carrier that serves most major markets in Canada. There, the G2 is offered as the HTC Desire Z. HTC is the Taiwanese company that actually makes the G2 and it is the same company that is responsible for the original G1 through T-Mobile. HTC is also known for several other smartphones, including the Droid Incredible available through Verizon Wireless.

Other Android Alternatives with T-Mobile

Just because you want an Android-based phone with T-Mobile does not mean that you are restricted solely to the G2. There are actually many different alternatives, taking on several different form factors, produced by several different notable manufacturers. Some of the highlights include the following devices. Keep in mind that the information posted in this article is believed to be accurate as of its writing, but the selection may vary over regions and over time. Check with your local dealer for the most up-to-date information.

  • Motorola CLIQ 2: The Android platform is overlaid with Motorola's MOTOBLUR user interface, which allows for more integrated social networking and other functions. A slide-out keyboard is also one of its key features.
  • T-Mobile myTouch 4G: Also capitalizing on the faster 4G network, this phone relies completely on its touchscreen display, offering no physical keyboard. The "Genius Button" offers one-touch access to many features.
  • Samsung Vibrant: As part of the Samsung Galaxy S line of smartphones, the Vibrant comes equipped with a gorgeous AMOLED high resolution display and a 1GHz Hummingbird processor.

As you can see, there are many Android phones available through T-Mobile. Which you choose will depend on your preferences, habits, and needs.

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T-Mobile G2