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My City Cuisine App Review

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Do you want to learn about the regional cuisine for your next vacation destination? MyCityCuisine app can be downloaded for free on iTunes to help guide you through some of the best local dishes various cities have to offer. As a member of LoveToKnow's editorial team, I was able to download this app to my iPhone for free and provide this insightful review.

A Review of MyCityCuisine App

For those who travel frequently and love to try out local dishes, MyCityCuisine can provide you with useful information on a dish such as:

  • Main ingredients
  • Colored photos
  • Distinctive traits of the dish
  • History

Special Features

The app offers some special features that allows for user interaction. Users can :

  • Add comments
  • Vote for favorite dish
  • Upload photos of dishes
  • Add new dish not part of directory by reporting it to MyCityCuisine

Main Features and Options

I was not planning any trips, but wanted to find out all the things this app offer, so I downloaded it onto my iPhone. The app is easy to recognize and the icon is a plate with utensils. When first opening MyCityCuisine, you will see the following options:

  1. Search
  2. Downloaded Guides
  3. Apps
  4. About

To begin using the app, I opened the search box and was presented with a list of cities. Each city has a brief blurb about the cuisine and features items in the following categories:

  • Appetizers
  • Soups
  • Salads
  • Main courses
  • Desserts
  • Fast food
  • Street food
  • Drinks

The items found in the various categories vary with each city. Depending on what is popular for the region, some cities highlight several items per category while others may not have items in each of the categories.

City Guides

Users can also download a specific city guide and then browse each category. In order see what each city has in the guide, you must first download it and then it is automatically saved in your Downloaded Guides. The downloads only take a few seconds and do not take up much space on your phone. Once downloaded, the guides open instantly and can be immediately accessed when needed.

Testing a City Guide

I downloaded the guide for Naples, Italy. In this guide, I could easily see what some of the most popular dishes are for the region. For example, Bruschetta is the appetizer listed. This toasted bread can be topped with items such as tomatoes, garlic, fresh herbs and cheese. The guide lists a brief history of this dish along with colorful photos of several variations of Bruschetta.

I then decided to check out the drinks guide. I clicked on Taurasi and discovered this is a red, still Italian wine. A useful tip was given that this particular wine is characterized by intense flavors such as red cherries, plums and raspberries and is a full-bodied wine. This is helpful information for someone deciding on which a glass of wine to order, especially if she likes a certain kind.

Available City Guides

There are over 60 guides that can be downloaded from MyCityCuisine. These guides include cities such as:

  • Algiers, Algeria
  • Beijing, China
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Glasgow, Scotland
  • Kiev, Ukraine
  • Nassau, Bahamas
  • Paris, France
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Tokyo, Japan

How To Get It

For those with iPhones or iPads, MyCityCuisine can be found in iTunes. Just search by the name and then download it for free.

Full Versions for Computers Available

For those without a smart phone, or who prefer to use the computer, the full version is also available at and is also free. It offers users the same information as the app version and is in wiki format. Users of the full version are able to add comments and upload images just like app users. Unlike the app, the full version has a section on the USA that includes cities, such as Boston, Chicago, Dallas, New York, Los Angeles and Washington, DC.

App Helpful in Foreign Cities

This app would be helpful to those who are visiting a foreign country for the first time. Since it is on your phone, you can easily access it from any location. Seeing what a particular dish looks like, as well as what the basic ingredients are, allows you to order a menu item without being completely surprised when it is brought to your table.

My City Cuisine App Review