Travelzoo App Review

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There is no reason to miss out on deals when you can conveniently purchase them right on your mobile phone. Find the latest deals on travel, entertainment and more with the Travelzoo app for iPhone and Android.

Travelzoo Mobile App

Travelzoo provides the latest deals for travel, entertainment and local happenings. Their experts search the market daily to bring savings to consumers all over the globe. Travelzoo is available online and is best known for their Top 20 deals email. The company's mobile app makes it possible to purchase deals right from your phone.

App Features

With the app, you can view Travelzoo's Top 20 deals on your phone and browse other cool features:

Travelzoo Top 20
  • My Vouchers: Use and view vouchers directly from your mobile device. No printing out is required. The vouchers tab is found on the bottom of the screen and contains all the vouchers that you have purchased through Travelzoo.
  • Deals on Map: Search for deals in the area where you are located. This is especially handy while on vacation or on a business trip. You will see a map with push pins indicating the areas where deals are available.
  • Deals in Other Cities: This is extremely helpful when planning a trip and looking for savings. You can browse through deals for spas, restaurants and entertainment in cities around the world. Select a city from the long list of options to begin your search.

Using the App

The Travelzoo app is easy to use. Once you download it to your device, you will be asked to select a country. You will then see a screen with all your options. You will need a log-in to purchase deals and view your vouchers on your phone, though you can browse deals without logging in.

  • If you have a login for the Travelzoo website, you can use it to log into the mobile app.
  • If you don't already have one, you can create a login from your phone.

App Review Result

Travelzoo deals

Anyone who likes to save money and is interested in travel will enjoy the Travelzoo app. I find having this app on my phone to be both fun and convenient. Just like checking your email or Facebook, you can check out Travelzoo daily as well.

  • The app makes it simple to see and purchase the latest deals of the day right from your smartphone.
  • You can also use the app to find deals on vacation packages, cruises and airfare to plan future trips.
  • Using the app while traveling makes it easy to find deals in areas you are visiting and unfamiliar with.

The app can really help you save time and money when traveling. Being able to view last minute deals, specials on rental cars, hotel discounts and entertainment deals are all useful when you are away from home. For example, before purchasing expensive tickets to a local event while on the road, check out Travelzoo to see if it is being offered at a discount.

Get The App

You can download the Travelzoo app for free at either iTunes or Google Play. For more information, visit Travelzoo's official website.

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Travelzoo App Review