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With the rising popularity of smartphones with new, innovative GPS tracking capabilities, many medic alert system providers have developed mobile apps to complement and improve their services. These apps are useful for those who don't want to or can't afford to purchase a mobile unit. Exceptionally helpful in an emergency, all of these apps are available for iOS and Android smartphones.


iMedAlert, a free app recommended by Innovatemedtec, is an excellent way to notify emergency care professionals of an individual's location and medical history during an emergency. When the user indicates that he or she feels in danger, the app will send an emergency call, text message or email to either 911 or loved ones. iMedAlert also stores relevant medical information, such as blood type, allergies and medications, which are forwarded to paramedics and other medical professionals during an emergency.


Developed by professional NYC firefighters, the ManDown app is beneficial for everyone. ManDown, receiving high reviews from, has a one-time download fee of $1.99. However, the app's extensive features are more than worth the purchase price. ManDown stores a user's contacts so that when an emergency occurs, all designated contacts receive a notification of the user's location.

This app also has a motion detector, sounding an alarm if the user has not moved for a set interval of time. If the phone is not moved after the alarm, a distress call activates. The app also has an SOS button that allows users to notify emergency care professionals without unlocking the phone.

Philips Lifeline

Consumer Affairs rates Philips Lifeline the #1 medical alert service in the United States. The Philips Lifeline app is ideal for seniors as it provides a simple way to call for help with just one tap. The app will contact Phillips' trained professionals, who are standing by to assess the situation, contact loved ones, or call emergency service professionals to send them to the user's exact location utilizing GPS coordinates.

Phillips Lifeline has a service charge of $13.95 per month, but no long-term contract is required.

GreatCall 5Star

GreatCall 5Star, available on the Verizon network, is an app that consistently earns five-star ratings from experts like the Senior List. GreatCall 5Star is ideal for people who are not tech-savvy. A user simply taps a large red button that immediately connects them to trained and certified medical professionals.

The app also has a unique "Shake for Help" function to get help by shaking the smartphone. Additionally, the app uses GPS and stores medical information. The cost is $15 per month, the first month being a free, no obligation trial. There is no long-term contract or cancellation fee.

Medical ID: Emergency

Medical ID: Emergency (ICE) is a free, straightforward medical alert program that comes with iOS devices and can be installed on Android smartphones. With an impressive overall rating of 4.5 stars from SensorTower, this app is recommended for everyone, regardless of age or medical issues.

ICE stores the user's medical information, accessible from the phone's lock screen, in case of an emergency. The user simply creates a medical profile containing pertinent health information. ICE also enables the user to send emergency health alerts, text messages, or calls to contacts with a single click, through the "In Case of Emergency" contact section.

In Case of Emergency

Whether simply collecting an emergency contact list or offering personal 24/7 emergency assistance, today's medical alert apps offer tools that promote independence and personal security, while simltaneously providing peace of mind to loved ones. These apps are ideal for seniors who live alone as well as people with chronic health conditions.

It is important to note, however, that these apps will not work if the cell phone loses battery power, and can only provide minor support during an emergency call; the person still has to summon help, so be sure that you or your loved ones are suitably prepared.

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Top Medical Alert Apps