Popcornflix App Review

Popcornflix app

You can stream movies anywhere and at anytime with Popcornflix. This handy app is available for your iPhone or iPad and makes it possible to stream movies online or on your mobile device for free.

Popcornflix for iPhone and iPad

Popcornflix is a free app designed for iPhone and iPad. There are currently over 350 free movies available with expectations to reach 1,000 by the end of 2012. Movies are streamed to your device and are able to be watched instantly or can be saved for later. There is no downloading required.

Users of the app can share it with others by posting links on Facebook, Twitter or via email.This makes it possible to share what you enjoy with others who may enjoy it as well.

To find movies on Popcornflix, you can search by:

  • Movie title
  • Actor
  • Genre (comedy, thriller, family, kids, drama, etc.)
  • Director
  • Popular films
  • Featured movies

In addition to movies, you can also browse through documentaries and shorts, web originals and film school originals.

Special Features

Popcornflix app

You can watch as many movies as you like on Popcornflix. There are no limits to what you can stream to your device. Popcornflix requires no subscription making it totally commitment free. There is at least one new movie added daily making it always possible to find something new. Some cool app features are:

  • You are able to save selections to My Queue to watch whenever you like.
  • Once you select a movie, you will be given the duration of the film, list of actors and a brief synopsis.
  • While watching the movie, you have the option to pause then watch where you last left off.

Movies only take seconds to load and stream with ease. Within minutes, you will be watching the movie you selected.

App Review Result

While you may not find the latest movie releases on Popcornflix, you can still find a good selection of films to watch. I enjoyed browsing through the app and finding films that I never heard of but would enjoy watching. Most of the movies are "B-list" but contain well-known actors.

Keep in mind that there is advertising with this app. You will get one or two short commercials in the beginning of the movie and an ad at the bottom of the screen. Once you begin watching the movie, there are no interruptions or commercials during the movie.

I think that this is a great app to use while on the go. There are many selections to choose from so there is a little something for everyone to enjoy. The best part is that it is totally free and requires no subscription or log-in to use it.

Using Popcornflix

To begin using this app, you must download it to your device. You can get it for free at the iTunes App Store. You can also visit Popcornflix online and on Roku. In addition, you can follow Popcornflix on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

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Popcornflix App Review