CrowdCloud App Review

CrowdCloud App

Find out what is going on your local area with the CrowdCloud app for your iPhone. This unique app can be downloaded for free on iTunes and will give you immediate access to information about what is happening in your area.

CrowdCloud App for iPhone

CrowdCloud is a fun app used to connect in real-time to those around you. It also gives you updated news on happenings and events in your local area.

  • Designed to replace endless visits to social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, this app provides you with immediate results on what is going on around you, tailored to your specific needs.
  • Unlike social media sites, you do not have to sort through news feeds or posts to get the information you want with CrowdCloud. Instead, this app combines all that you value and gives it to you in a simple-to-navigate format.

You can get CrowdCloud for free at the App Store on your iPhone or at iTunes on your computer.

Special Features

CrowdCloud app list recommended

CrowdCloud has several unique features, all based on the fact that the app uses your current location to filter data, as well as specifics that you add in your profile. Some interesting features of the app include:

  • Recommended: Picked by CrowdCloud curators, get the best of social news and the latest information from this section.
  • Local: Check out local news, traffic, weather, sports and more in the local section.
  • Following: You can click on other users and follow them. All of the people that you follow will show up in a separate tab.
  • Map view: Check out a map and see what area has the most reports or find out what events are going on in a specific area.
  • Beacon: Locate others and share your own location in real time with the Beacon feature. Activate the beacon and send out a request to those around you.
  • Profile: Specify what you want to share publicly as well as manage your follow and block lists. You can also select the categories that are of interest to you.

In addition, you can post information and photos about your current surroundings and sign up to receive push notifications alerting you that your friends want you to see their current locations.

CrowdCloud Review Result

I downloaded this app to my iPhone with no problems at all. It only took minutes to load and was ready to use. Since this app relies on other users in your specific area signing up as users, there was little activity to report in my community. What I did find interesting was the Local tab that gave me local news, sports and restaurant reviews from several different sources all in one list format.

I think that this app will grow in its functionality once more users sign up to use it. There is endless potential and having regular followers such as those on sites like Facebook, will make it appealing to all ages.

Using CrowdCloud

For more information, visit and explore what this app has to offer. To get started with CrowdCloud, you will need to sign up via email or by using your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

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CrowdCloud App Review