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Houseparty is an app that can be downloaded for free and is compatible with iOS, Android, MacOS, and Chrome. This app can be used to video chat and play games with many people at once, unlike other apps which only allow for two people during a chat.

What Is Houseparty App?

Houseparty is a communication app that connects up to eight people at once. On this app, you can video chat and play games with your friends and family members. This app notes that it's for those 12 and older, but ultimately it's up to parents to decide if this app is appropriate for their children. For those who are unable to see their loved ones or family members, this is a great app to consider using if you want to connect with several people at once.

How to Setup the Houseparty App

Houseparty can be used on Mac, Android, and Chrome devices and can be downloaded free. Once downloaded:

  1. The app will ask you to setup a password, and for your permission to import your contacts.
  2. You can choose whether you'd like to connect to other social networking widgets such as Facebook.
  3. Once connected to your contacts, you can set your status to indicate whether you are free to chat.
  4. When someone becomes available on the app, other connections will be notified.

Benefits and Features

This app features:

  • Various games
  • High quality video chatting abilities
  • Group chat functions
  • Regular updates
  • Syncing options to connect with other social networking sites that you use
  • Block people from seeing you've joined the app
  • Lock your video chat room
  • Prevent all your contacts from seeing you are available by clicking "sneak in" as your status

Drawbacks of Houseparty App

Some users, especially those who opted to download the app on Chrome, found that their experience was glitchy. Some users noted that their camera had a hard time connecting to the app, that at times they were unable to play games, and that sometimes their screen had a green hue. Like any other app, there are going to be glitches and mishaps that hopefully are resolved during updates. Other than minor glitches, the majority of users found this app to be a great tool for connecting with many of their friends and family members.

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How to Turn Notifications Off

To turn off notifications, tap the face icon, click "notifications", and choose which ones you'd like to switch off. You can opt to switch off some friends individually or all friends at the same time.

How to Delete Houseparty

To delete your Houseparty account, click "settings". Click privacy tab and click "delete account". You will need to enter your password and confirm you'd like to delete. You can also email to have your account deleted.

Safety of Houseparty App

Houseparty can be a great tool for connection for kids and adults alike, however extra precaution should be taken when children are using the app. On the Houseparty app, users can chat with their connections, as well as friends of their connections. This means that they don't need to be a direct connection in order for you to speak with them. This may pose a higher risk for children using the app, as those not in their own contacts will have the ability to join their video chat if someone else in the chat knows them.

Safety Tips

Video chat rooms can be locked if the users opt to do so, but this must be enabled. This app can also be used to send messages, which some parents may be unaware of. If you opt to allow your child to use this app, be sure to explain to them who it is and isn't okay to connect with and what to do if they receive a message that makes them feel uncomfortable. Parents gave this app mixed reviews and noted that some kids use this app as a tool for bullying, while others used it as a way to connect with their loved ones and friends. Like anything else tech related, appropriate steps should be taken to monitor your children's safety.

Using the Houseparty App

The Houseparty app can be a great way to connect with more than one person during a video chat session, enabling you to get together with a group of friends. This free app can be especially helpful during a time when you are unable to be with your friends or loved ones in person, but still want to connect with them.

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Basic Houseparty App Tutorial