10 Free Apps Every Woman Needs in Her Life

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Thanks to Apple's amazing technology and their engineers who are approximately one bajillion (is that a number?) times smarter than we are, we now live in a world where anything you want or need can be acquired using your phone. It's incredible. However, while we all are pretty aware about services like Seamless, Uber, and Tinder, there are plenty of other amazing apps out there that you might not have heard about. So, ladies, listen up. This list is for you.

1. Track Your Period With Clue

Whether you're looking to get pregnant or are looking to soooooo NOT get pregnant, Clue is your new best friend. The app tracks your monthly cycle and lets you know when you're ovulating, when PMS will peak, and when your period will arrive. Oh, and it also gives you fun facts and tips about your reproductive system and female health in general. It's kind of like having a super amazing gyno who is with you at all times. And Clue doesn't make you get in stirrups! Hooray for technology.

Clue app
Clue for Android

2. Get Your Gilt On

Okay, designer goods are amazing. But, like, also really expensive. And because we're not all Kardashian West's (RIP her beautiful 4 million dollar engagement ring), some of us can only score our designer treats when they're heavily discounted. Enter: Gilt. This amazing app offers goods at a sixty percent discount, which means you can now order pizza from your phone, watch TV on your phone, and shop for discounted Celine bags all at the same time. #blessed

3. Always Look Perfect in Your Photos

FaceTune is an app that allows you to photoshop a photo right from your phone. Plus, it's waaaay easier to use than Photoshop. While the app doesn't allow you to completely change your appearance à la Photoshop, it does have such features as smoothing, teeth whitening, eye brightening, and slimming. It's a great fix for that pic that's almost Instagram perfect.

FaceTune for Android

4. Slim Down Your Wallet

This little baby genius of an app combines all of your coupons and store loyalty cards in one neat place (spoiler alert: it's your phone) which means that you will NEVER again have to walk around a store with an envelope of coupons and a key chain full of those annoying loyalty cards. Thanks to FidMe, your life is about to be so much organized.

5. For Those Times You've Gotta Go

You know that moment when you're running errands downtown and you suddenly get the urge to pee. You've gotta go. And you've gotta go now. So what do you do? Well, of course you walk into a store and ask to use the restroom and of COURSE you are promptly laughed out and told "no. Sorry. Employees only." Well, thanks to the nifty app Toilet Finder, the legitimate fear of peeing your pants is now a thing of the past. Seriously, this app does exactly what it sounds like: it finds you a toilet. PRAISE.

6. Give That Hair Color a Trial Run

You know how sometimes you'll wake up in the middle of the night and think "hmm...I think I should go blonde. And maybe get bangs. And maybe cut off ten inches." Then you go back to sleep and wake up the next day and, without really thinking about it, call your stylist and make a hair appointment and before you know it you've just made the worst mistake of your life. Because you know what? Blonde is not a good look on you. Washes you out. And your face is too round for short hair. And bangs?! BANGS?! What. Were. You. Thinking. Yeah, we honestly need that to never happen to you or us or anyone again. And that's why Hair Color Booth is truly so amazing. Because it allows you to upload a photo of yourself and try on different hairstyles and colors -- BEFORE you have to commit in real life. Ugh. If only this app existed in fall of 2003. We could've avoided a legitimate mental breakdown. Sigh.

7. When You Need to Erase All Evidence

The fact that something like KillSwitch exists is truly an incredible sign of the times. The app exists for the sole purpose of wiping your ex from your social media profiles. Genius, right? Because the only thing worse than a breakup is having to go through your Facebook AFTER said breakup and painfully sift through happy picture after happy picture as you simultaneously untag him and think "just so you know, I really was faking it that one time." Bless the jilted exes who created such a wonderful app. You are the heroes America needs.

8. Keep Your Budget on Track

Mint is incredible because it allows you to connect your credit cards and bank accounts in one easy place, so you'll never miss a payment again. Plus it sends you a weekly report of where you spent your money (Some weeks this is amazing, some weeks it's downright painful.) The app also allows you to make goals and tracks how well you're doing with paying down debt or putting money into savings.

9. Take Your Pill!

It's weird how something as simple as "take a pill at the same time every day" is somehow so freaking difficult. But it is. It's REALLY hard to remember. Luckily, there's an app called My Pill that will alert you when it's time to take your birth control. It will also inform you if you've missed taking your meds the previous day, and, similar to Clue, will let you know when you're ovulating/when your period is coming. It's pretty much everything we've been waiting for.

MyPill app for iOS

10. How Did You Sleep Last Night?

SleepCycle is pretty much a godsend. Download the app to your phone, place it nearby on your nightstand when you're ready to go to bed, and it will track your sleep and even wake you up during your lightest possible sleep. This way, you'll start your morning feeling refreshed instead of groggy and angry at the world. Pretty amazing, huh?

Seriously, how life changing are all of these apps? Basically, your life just got a little bit easier. And for that, we thank you, Silicon Valley. Be sure to spread the word and tell your friends. You're about to be everyone's new favorite person.

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10 Free Apps Every Woman Needs in Her Life