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Article Highlight: Basic Houseparty App Tutorial

Houseparty is an app that can be downloaded for free and is compatible with iOS, Android, MacOS, and Chrome. This app can be used to video chat and play games with many people at once, unlike other apps which… Keep reading »

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Mobile Apps

Are you always on the lookout for great apps to download to your smartphone or tablet device? With so many options available through Google Play (for Android), the App Store (for iPhone, iPad and IPod) and other resources, it can be hard to decide what apps are worth checking out. That's why LoveToKnow Cell Phones is committed to providing useful information about popular apps, including independent app reviews and articles about the best apps for specific platforms or needs.

Learn About Great Apps

When you visit LoveToKnow Cell phones, you'll find a wide variety of articles about apps, written with the interests of end-users in mind.

Apps by Platform

Find out about smartphone apps for various platforms, including:

  • Learn about 50 top iPhone apps and other selections for iPhone
  • Discover Android apps for gaming, social media, productivity, video and more
  • Find cool apps designed specifically to work with BlackBerry devices
  • Identify apps for the Windows Mobile platform
  • Discover apps designed for Palm Centro smartphones

Special Interest Apps

The category also features articles designed to help you identify apps designed for specific purposes. Examples include:

  • Learn about the CrowdCloud app and find out if it's right for you
  • Discover Popcornflix, a free resource for movies streamed to your smartphone or tablet
  • Identify helpful and educational apps for students that can be beneficial to you or your kids
  • Learn about the differences between various Facebook apps for iPhone
  • Find out about the Yahoo! mobile application
  • Many more great options

Managing and Working with Apps

There's more to using apps than just discovering new ones to try. When you visit this category, you can also learn how to organize the ones you decide to download, as well as find out how to delete ones you no longer need. You can even find out a bit about what's involved in amateur app development.

What You Need to Know in an Easy-To-Use Format

When you're looking for information about apps, let LoveToKnow Cell Phones be your go-to, trusted resource. Visit the site often, as our expert writers and editors are always diligently identifying new apps to research and review. You never know what you might find when you come back to the site.

Mobile Apps