How to Get Scratches off a Cell Phone Screen

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Are you wondering how to get scratches off a cell phone screen? You don't have to replace your phone or even learn to live with the scratches, necessarily. There are some fixes that involve buffing out and filling in the scratches. You'll be doing so at your own risk, but this can be substantially less expensive than going to an official cell phone repair shop to get a brand new display or even a brand new replacement cell phone.

How to Get Scratches Off a Cell Phone Screen

Deep scratches may be beyond repair, but for shallow scratches, a quick fix may be possible.

Products for Buffing Out Scratches

At, you'll find the Displex Scratch Remover Display Polish meant for buffing out the scratches that can happen on the screen of a cell phone. It's also designed to work for iPods, PDAs, and MP3 players. You apply the product directly to the scratch and then use as much pressure as you feel comfortable using as you buff the product in with a soft cotton cloth. The description claims that it will work even on deep scratches, but that you'll have to repeat the process a few times.


If you don't want to order (or go out and buy, if you can find it) a special product to get the scratches off of your screen just yet, there's something you can try at home using something you already have. This is one scratch removal attempt you'll want to try in a corner of your cell phone's screen before diving right in and applying it to the scratch in the middle of the screen. Clean your screen with a soft cloth to remove lint, dust, oils, and so on. Choose a non-gel toothpaste and apply a very small amount to the screen with the cloth, then buff it in. If you can cleanly wipe it away with a damp cloth without any leftover cloudiness, try it on the scratch.

A New Screen

If you've tried buffing products onto the screen to no avail, you may be able to purchase a new screen for your phone. Check Cellular Dr., Cell Phone Repair Shop, or eBay for screens that will fit. If you don't feel comfortable replacing the screen yourself, visit your cell phone provider's store. Even if they don't do repairs on-site, they may be able to send you in the right direction.

Prevent More Scratches

Now that you've figured out how to get scratches off a cell phone screen, you may want to protect against future scratches. Some scratches could be extremely challenging-or impossible-to remove, so it's best to keep them from ever happening if you can. Search for screen protectors for your phone at kiosks, cell phone stores, and online. There are specific screen protectors that are scratch resistant and easy to add to your phone. If it does happen to get scratched, remove it and replace it. No buffing or cell phone retail costs are involved.

If a screen protector isn't your style and you fear that it would distort the appearance of the colors, graphics, and words below it, another option is to invest in a cell phone case. Leave the phone in the case until it's time to use it, then you really only have to worry about scratches occurring while your phone is in use. It will be safe in your pocket, attached to your waistband, or in your purse.

Final Thoughts

Be cautious when attempting to repair your cell phone screen. Try any materials you plan to buff onto the screen in a corner. That way, even if the product doesn't do what it promises as far as the scratch itself is concerned, you haven't done any further damage.

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How to Get Scratches off a Cell Phone Screen