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Free text alerts keep you informed of emergency information on local, state and federal levels.

What are Text Alerts that are Free?

Text alerts that are free are sent to cell phones, blackberries, PDAs and other mobile devices. These text messages are sent automatically to those that subscribe to the text alert service. There are many types of text alerts that pertain to emergency situations and also specific topics of interest.

Free emergency text alerts are public service messages sent to subscribers. The following are among the emergency text alerts you can sign up to receive.

  • Homeland security alerts
  • Terror alerts
  • Natural disaster alerts
  • Any major emergency situation
  • Dangerous activity alerts
  • Health emergency situations
  • Severe weather alerts
  • Amber alerts
  • General emergency warnings
  • Severe traffic alerts
  • School closings
  • Government closings

Text alerts are also available for many non-emergency topics of interest. These free texts include topics such as:

  • News
  • Sports
  • Weather
  • Jokes
  • Stocks
  • Daily Bible verses
  • Horoscopes

The Emergency Email and Wireless Network

A free public service the Emergency Email and Wireless Network provides text alerts on national, regional and local levels that are issued by government sources. Subscribing for the free service is simple. Just choose your area from the list, check the type of alerts you want to receive along with the kind of device you use and add your contact information. Subscribers can choose more than one area.This website provides the following free alerts by text messaging:

  • Homeland security
  • National disasters
  • Missing children Amber alerts
  • Severe weather alerts
  • Health alerts

Amber Alerts

When a child is kidnaped the first three hours of the abduction is critical to finding the child safely. Subscribing to free Amber Alerts in your area increases the number of people made aware of the missing child. The more people that know the child's description and any known information regarding the kidnapper and vehicle involved, the better the chance of successfully locating the child.To opt in to receive Amber Alerts visit The Wireless Foundation for a list of wireless carriers that provide the free service.

Free Text Alerts for Specific Geographical Area and States

There are many text alert systems that provide emergency text notifications and information that cover a specific geographical area such as the Washington, D.C. area, New York City or South Florida. The following are several examples of these free alert notification systems.

  • For emergency information in the National Capital Region, Capitalalert provides information from 17 local governments in the Washington, DC area, Maryland and Virginia. Text alerts include:
  • Terrorism
  • Major emergencies
  • Natural disasters
  • Severe storm and weather
  • Severe traffic
  • Government and school closings
  • NY-Alert is a free service provided to residents of New York State. On the website you sign up for a specific area of the state to receive alerts pertinent to that area. The state is divided into more than 60 jurisdictions such as New York City, Suffolk County or Albany. Another text alert system in New York is Notify NYC a system designed to notify city residents about emergency situations, events and situations involving important New York City services.
  • Similar programs and alert systems are in place for all of the states. Generally the areas covered are separated into major urban areas or counties. For example in southern Florida there are emergency alert systems for Boca Raton and Miami Dade County.

Free Emergency Text Messaging for Colleges and Universities

Mobile Campus provides a free service to all colleges and universities in the United States that alerts students, employees and others of an existing emergency situation on their campus. The system sends the messages rapidly and simultaneously to everyone that opts in. Emergency and crisis situations include dangerous situations such as shootings, fire and severe weather such as hurricanes

Signing up for emergency free text alerts is an excellent way to say informed concerning important and often dangerous situations pertaining to your area.

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