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Part of the appeal of having a smartphone in the first place is having the ability to download apps for Windows Mobile phones. Using just the pre-installed software on your mobile phone is like only using the default software installed on your computer. There is so much more to download, buy, and enjoy.

How to Download Apps for Windows Mobile Phones

As with the other major platforms, downloading smartphone apps for Windows phones works in much the same way. While many people still think about the older Windows Mobile platform from Microsoft, the current lineup of handsets is powered by the newer Windows Phone 7 operating system.

On the default main homepage for WP7 smartphones is a direct link to the Windows Phone Marketplace. This is where you can download apps for Windows Mobile phones, just as you would with Android Market on Google Android smartphones and the App Store on the Apple iPhone.

Once you have accessed this utility, which will use wireless data so make sure you have an appropriate plan or connection to proceed, you can browse through the available applications and download them at will. It's as simple as a few virtual button presses.

Available Windows Phone 7 Apps

A wide variety of mobile applications are available for Windows Phone 7. It may not be quite as expansive as BlackBerry App World or Apple iTunes App Store just yet, but the community of Windows developers will certainly grow as more people buy and use Windows smartphones.

For Business Users

Whether you decide to go with Android or Windows Phone for your business needs, the assortment of business-related applications is sizable on either platform.

Some productivity and business-related applications for Windows Phone 7 include the following:

  • Hours Logger: Use it to keep track of your working hours and how much to bill your clients.
  • Close the Sale: This app les you plan your month and set your goals, keeping track of how many units you're tracking.
  • Business Expense Tracker: Keep tabs on all your reimbursement and tax guidelines by tracking records and receipts.
  • World Time: Travel around the world and know the exact time in a number of time zones.
  • Tasks Anywhere: Organize the tasks you need to do, looking at active, completed, and due soon tasks.

Fun and Mobile Games

The Apple iPhone isn't the only place where you can find a range of fun mobile games. With its strong integration with Xbox Live, Windows Phone 7 has its fair share of gaming opportunities too.

  • Tetris: The classic block-dropping puzzle game offers marathon mode, as well as 12 other exciting variations.
  • Assassin's Creed: The popular stealthy action game makes it way to mobile too.
  • Guitar Hero 5: Rock on, brother, rock on. Check out the 32 Windows exclusive tracks in this music game.
  • Earthworm Jim HD: The platformer is here with groovy stages, funky graphics, and hilarious gameplay
  • Flowerz: Plant beautiful flowers, set up matches and cascades, and keep your garden fresh through the season.

Social Media Tools

Stay connected with the social sphere with the right assortment of Windows apps. Your network matters and you need to stay in the know.

  • GoVoice: Make less expensive long distance calls with this utility for Google Voice.
  • Facebook: Read the wall, post status updates, and check out all those photos too.
  • Twitter: Keep tabs on the real world in real time with this official tweeting application.
  • Foursquare: The official app for checking into different places in your city and abroad.
  • Seesmic: Connect to multiple social networks in an efficient and powerful way.

Always More to Buy and Download

As the online community continues to grow and evolve, so will the the possibilities for you to download apps for Windows Phone 7 devices. Whether you want to have some fun, stay on task, or keep track of your stock portfolio, there is likely an app for that.

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Download Apps for Windows Mobile Phones