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Sending emoji’s

If you have a smartphone, chances are that you use emoji. With the rise of social media and instant messaging apps like Kik and SnapChat, emoji have become a standard and accepted component of text conversations. Currently, as many as 1,851 emoji characters are supported by various platforms and they play an important role in adding context to text conversations.

Express Yourself

Keep in mind that the appearance of emoji can vary by platform, as the images are specific to each particular system. These are some of the most common expressions across a number of platforms.

Emoji Description Use
Tears of joy and happiness
Tears of joy and happiness For when something is so funny, you're literally laughing out loud
Smiley face
Smiley face Use to express happiness or joy
Smiley face with open mouth
Smiley face with open mouth Indicating extreme happiness or joy
Smiley face with sunglasses
Smiley face with sunglasses For when you feel self-confident and cool
Winking face
Winking face Use to express humor or to indicate that you are joking
Relieved face
Relieved face Showing relief, satisfaction or feeling at ease
Pouty face
Pouty face An expression of anger or rage
Blushing face
Blushing face For when you want to show embarrassment or self-deprecation
Smirking face
Smirking face Offering a sexual suggestion or innuendo
Face with halo
Face with halo An indication of innocence (sometimes sarcastically)
Face with horns
Face with horns For when you are feeling michievious or wicked
Face with heart eyes
Face with heart eyes Use to express feelings of romance, love and affection
Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat
Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat For when you are relieved with happiness or joy
Winking face with stuck out tongue
Winking face with tongue sticking out To express a sense of fun or playfulness
Savoring delicious food face
Savoring delicious food face For when you are discussing delicious food
Suspecting face
Suspecting face Use to express dissatisfaction or suspicion
Face with cold sweat
Face with cold sweat An expression of hard work or great effort
Face with tears streaming
Face with tears streaming For when you are feeling lots of pain or sadness
Tired face
Tired face Indicating that you are tired, stressed or just fed up
Confused face
Confused face When you are puzzled by the situation
Frustrated face
Frustrated face Use to express anger, annoyance or dissatisfaction
Astonished face
Astonished face For when you are incredibily surprised or shocked
Grimacing face
Grimacing face Use to express awkwardness, nervousness, or excitement
Disappointed face
Disappointed face For when you are disappointed or confused
Hugging face
Hugging face Used for giving a virtual hug to someone you care about
Grinning face with smiling eyes
Grinning face with smiling eyes An expression of extreme happiness
Screaming in fear
Screaming in fear Use to express feelings of terror or shock
Sleeping face
Sleeping face For when you want to be sleeping or are going to sleep
Face with rolling eyes
Face with rolling eyes Use to express disdain, contempt or boredom
Sleepy face with drool
Sleepy face with drool For when you are feeling sleepy or tired
Person with folded hands
Person with folded hands Use to show that you are praying or bowing
Weary cat face
Weary cat face A fun way to show you feel tired or sleep-deprived
Imp The cheeky devil is used when you say something slightly rude or disrespectful in a funny way
Smiling face with horns
Smiling face with horns When you feel sinister or have the desire to cause trouble
Sleuth or spy
Sleuth or spy For when you are investigating or going to investigate something
Throwing a kiss
Throwing a kiss Blowing a kiss to express love
Neutral face
Neutral face For when you have no comment and are keeping a straight face
Face with tongue stuck out
Tongue sticking out For when you are just kidding or joking
Face with medical mask
Face with medical mask When you are sick and what you have is contagious
Face with thermometer
Face with thermometer For when you feel sick or unwell
Nauseated face
Nauseated face For when you are so sick you want to throw up or have already thrown up
Dizzy face
Dizzy face Can be used to indicated dizziness or if you are drunk
Face with no mouth
Face with no mouth Use to indicate you are not saying anything
See no evil monkey
See no evil monkey For when you are mad that you did not realize something obvious, so you slap yourself on the forehead
Splashing sweat symbol
Splashing sweat symbol For when you are so hot, you are literally sweating
Upside down face
Upside down face Use to express ambiguity
Zipper-mouth face
Zipper-mouth face Use when you have a secret and your lips are sealed
Nerd face
Nerd face For when you are feeling nerdy or like a bookworm

Put Your Best Face Forward

These emoji faces are a fun and quick way to express yourself over text messages. While there are no hard and fast rules for when to use them, there are a few unwritten rules of emoji etiquette that should be followed.

  • Emoji should typically be used to complement words or a conversation, not as a substitute for words.
  • Emoji are not universal, so be aware that they can be misinerpreted by the recipient.
  • Emoji are indicitive of more casual conversation. If you choose to use emoji in the workplace, keep in mind that less is more. Only use emoji at work when their context and meaning are completely clear.
  • When discussing a serious subject, it's probably best to not use emoji at all. For example, in case of a family emergency, use fewer images and more words.

Keep It Personal

If in doubt, choose whether to use emoji and which ones to use based on your personal relationship with the other person in the conversation. But love them or hate them, emojis are here to stay!

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