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Even for people who aren't particularly tech-savvy, it is not that difficult to get BlackBerry Pearl pictures from phone to computer. In fact, you have multiple options for getting your spur-of-the-moment photos from the popular BlackBerry PDA phone onto your home PC.

Download BlackBerry Pearl Pictures from Phone to Computer

While the cameras integrated in today's cellular phones are vastly improved over their predecessors, they are still generally not as good as a proper standalone digital camera. You cannot expect true digital SLR picture quality with a camera phone photo, but the convenience factor is a major advantage. You may not carry a camera with you everywhere, but you likely bring your smartphone with you all over the place.

Having the pictures on your cell phone is pretty good, but you'll ultimately want to transfer many of those photos onto more permanent storage. That's why it pays to know how to transfer BlackBerry Pearl pictures from phone to computer. Depending on how many pictures you want to download and what resources you have available to you, you'll want to select one of the following methods over the others.

BlackBerry Desktop Software

Available for both Windows PC and Mac computers, BlackBerry Desktop Software is a free download from Using this software, you are able to manage just about everything on your BlackBerry device, including the ability to manage your multimedia files. This would involve any pictures, videos, and music files that you may have stored on your computer and on your smartphone.

One aspect of the BlackBerry Desktop Software is called BlackBerry Media Sync. This is where you would be able to download pictures to and from the Pearl. Install the software on your computer, connect your BlackBerry Pearl with a USB data cable, and follow the instructions in the program. This is likely the easiest way to transfer large files or a large number of files at a time. Because it is physically wired to your computer, this method can provide for one of the fastest data transfers too.

Memory Card Reader

As the megapixel count on cell phone cameras continues to increase, so does the file size of the associated photos. This also holds true for the BlackBerry Pearl and that's why it may make more sense to have the photos automatically save on a memory card rather than in the phone's internal memory. If you choose to use this option in the BlackBerry's camera preferences, you'll find that you can generally save more pictures before running out of space.

Most BlackBerry phones, including various Pearl models, use a microSD memory card slot. When you have the pictures stored there, you can transfer pictures with a simple memory card reader. Using the same USB data cable as the first method, the microSD card in the phone should show up as an external drive on your computer. This is much like how an external hard drive or a USB flash drive would look under the "My Computer" section in a Windows PC. Alternatively, you can use any number of other memory card readers, ejecting the microSD from the phone and inserting it into the memory card reader. From there, you can drag and drop the files at will.

Sending With E-Mail

Don't want to bother with cables and software? Another way to get BlackBerry Pearl pictures from phone to computer is to use one of the most powerful features found on all BlackBerry devices: e-mail. Simply compose a new e-mail message, attach the image files, and send it to yourself. Log into your e-mail account from the computer, download the attachment, and you have the pictures on your PC.

This strategy is not as prudent for large files or for a large number of files, as it would involve a much larger e-mail message and much heavier wireless data usage. It is very convenient for smaller pictures and a smaller number of pictures, though.

Never Miss a Moment

With your BlackBerry Pearl always close at hand, you'll have every opportunity to snap a quick photo when you feel the situation warrants it. After taking the picture, transfer it to your computer for safekeeping, online sharing, and whatever else you want to do with it.

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BlackBerry Pearl Pictures from Phone to Computer