Yahoo! Mobile Application

Yahoo! Mobile Application

Since so many people use their cell phones for more than just voice calls these days, it's only understandable that so many of them would become intrigued with the Yahoo! Mobile application. Instead of jumping around all over the Internet, you can get all of that wonderful information and entertainment from one convenient location.

Accessing the Mobile Web

Although the Yahoo! Mobile application name may lead you to believe that Yahoo! is jumping into the wireless carrier game, it is instead just an application that you can download and install onto your chosen mobile phone. It's not compatible with all handsets, of course, but if your phone is capable of accessing the WAP mobile web, you just may be able to use this app.

Why would you be interested in the mobile web in the first place? If you happen to be lost in the wrong part of town, you can boot up the maps application to get real-time directions. Do you need to look up a phone number or movie show times? The mobile web can do that too, but it can be troublesome to try and remember all the different web addresses. A single portal is just more convenient and user-friendly.

What is the Yahoo! Mobile Application?

The Yahoo! Mobile application comes in a few different forms, depending on the exact configuration of your cell phone or smartphone. In short, it provides a one-stop shop for just about anything you'd need to access from the Internet. This includes mobile email access to your Yahoo! account, among other notable Yahoo! features.

Yahoo! Go

Yahoo! Go is marketed as "the best Internet experience for your phone." Go is compatible with hundreds of different phones and the cell phone application can be customized to suit your particular needs. This "all-in-one offering" lets you enjoy "the best of the Internet on your phone."

From the Yahoo! Go interface, you can send emails, upload photos, search for answers, check stock quotes, and more. For further customization with this Yahoo! Mobile application, you can gain additional mobile widgets. These provide quick access to such things as MTV News, MySpace, and eBay.

Before you download Go to your mobile phone, you can try it on your PC. Check the weather and read the news at your leisure.

Apps for iPhone and BlackBerry

For a more customized version of the Yahoo! Mobile application, you can try the versions that have been specifically designed for iPhone and for BlackBerry. These take advantage of their respective strengths and layouts, so it can be easier to access and read your BlackBerry email, for example.

The iPhone Yahoo! Mobile application can be found through the App Store and it includes everything that you'd find with the main version. This application grants access to such services as Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Weather, and Yahoo! Mail. There is also a Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone application, in case you want to keep in touch with your IM buddies.

Similarly, the BlackBerry version is integrated with a Flickr uploader, Yahoo! oneSearch, and Yahoo! Go. The Flickr uploader allows you to upload pictures taken with your BlackBerry's integrated camera and share them directly with family and friends. Yahoo! oneSearch is one of the more robust mobile search engines for finding information on the net and Yahoo! Go is the aforementioned application for news, weather, sports, and more.

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Yahoo! Mobile Application