Unlimited Texting Plans

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Unlimited texting plans allow you to contact your friends and family as much as you'd like when you're afraid your minutes may run out before the month's end. If you're looking for a new cell phone service provider, be sure to shop around to see who offers unlimited texting at the best price; prices and plans tend to change over time.

Why Choose Unlimited Texting Plans?

Text messaging is on the rise. There are a few reasons to check into unlimited texting plans:

Some people just prefer to text over dialing a number and talking. It's a quick, efficient, and more discrete way to get your point across without getting into a long conversation (you know those people you can't call for just a second because they just love to talk, right?) or letting others overhear what you're talking about. Also, if you don't hear well or at all, texting provides a better, easier communication option.

If you prefer to text, you can save money by choosing a plan with a relatively low number of minutes, then tack on the extra $5.00 or so for text messaging (prices vary from company to company and also depends on any special offers they may be promoting at a given time of year). You can even cut things shorter by using texting abbreviations.

Do you prefer to have time to think before answering questions? Texting allows you to do that, responding at your own convenience rather than being put on the spot in a phone conversation. That alone is enough to make some people prefer unlimited texting over using minutes.

If you frequently like to make announcements to everyone (or most people) in your phone book, unlimited texting is the way to keep you safe from overages.

You have teenagers who might go over, or you think you may go over your texting limit yourself, if there's one attached to the plan.

Your texting habits vary from month to month. Some months you may do almost all texting and no calling, and others you may do almost no texting. At least you're covered no matter how many times you press the button to "send."

With a Contract

When you sign a contract with a carrier, be sure to ask if they have an unlimited texting promotion going on. In some cases, you can get it included with your plan. If you're signing a contract, even if the unlimited text messaging promotion ends, you should be able to keep it until the contract is up. Check with the following cell phone companies for unlimited texting options:

  • AT&T: Here, you'll get a few options for unlimited texting. There's a family package, unlimited texts, and unlimited texts and Web.
  • Sprint: Check out their Simply Everything package!
  • Verizon: They even have a plan with no voice minutes, but unlimited texting and picture and video messaging.

Please keep in mind that text messages are not the same as picture and video messages or instant messaging. You may be charged separately for those. In some cases, you will need a data plan as well as a texting plan in order to fully enjoy your phone/PDA.

Prepaid Options

Some people may still view prepaid phones as the ugly stepchildren of the cell phone world, but that's not the case anymore. You can get almost any option you'd like on your prepaid phone, just like with a contract. That includes unlimited texting. Check out Cricket's prepaid plans that include unlimited texting.

The Bottom Line

If you tend to go over your minutes by just a handful but you don't want to spring for the next minute package up, consider unlimited texting plans. They will cost you a bit extra, but check your phone bill and see if what you're charged for the minutes you go over exceeds the unlimited texting cost.

If you are currently with a wireless carrier that does not offer unlimited texting, keep checking back with them. Cell phone companies often change the extras you can get added to your plan around, so if you're on a 1000 messages per month plan now but you cut it close some months, it may serve you well to scope out their website from time to time.

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