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TracFone promotions come in many forms. You can get extra minutes, save a percentage off your total bill, get free shipping, and more. Hunting down TracFone promotions is relatively easy too, so you should almost always be able to find something when it's time to pay for a new month or purchase more minutes.

Finding Promotions for TracFones

There are some reliable sites to investigate online when you're looking for TracFone's promotions.

  • is where you should start looking to get TracFone promotions. This is especially true, because you know they will always be legit and up to date. Check the hot deals page for the latest specials. You'll be asked to submit your zip code and then it will show the special deals for your area.
  • Deal Taker has current coupons listed with their expiration dates along with coupons that just expired listed on their site. You can also click to suggest new coupons or report one that won't work. This sort of feedback option means you get up-to-date information with fewer disappointments via non-working codes than you might get otherwise. Sometimes you'll be instructed to follow a link and other times you'll see a coupon code to enter.
  • RetailMeNot works in much the same way as Deal Taker, complete with a similar kind of feedback system that displays an overall success rate as a percentage. It also allows for comments and sharing.

Typical TracFone Promotions

So what are typical TracFone promotions? Are they worth seeking out or are they not worth the hassle of locating a coupon code? Here are a few examples of promotions that have been offered in the past:

  • Free shipping or shipping upgrades on orders of a certain amount.
  • Free bonus minutes when you purchase your regular minutes.
  • A percentage off your total, such as 10 percent off of your first month when you purchase 100 minutes.
  • Additional minutes when you sign up with a specific phone.

The Bottom Line

So is looking for TracFone promotion codes worth it? It doesn't take long and there are some great ones out there that give you extra minutes or save you money right off the bat. Every little bit that you save can make a big difference in your household budget.

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