Top Feature Phones for Web Browsing

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One great way to save some money is to look at the top feature phones for web browsing. There are many different options available from a variety of different wireless carriers, so make sure that you participate in some comparison shopping to find just the right handset for you. Remember to factor in such considerations as network coverage, comfort and usability, and the cost of a suitable monthly plan.

Top Feature Phones for Web Browsing

Mobile phones are used for so much more than just voice calls and text messages these days. That's why it's important to consider different feature phones and smartphones to see what additional functionality they can provide. You can use these mobile devices to listen to music, take pictures, send email messages, and even surf the web. That's where this list of top feature phones for web browsing would come into play.

LG enV Touch

The LG enV Touch expands on the very successful LG enV line available through Verizon Wireless in the United States. Whereas previous versions of the phone had a standard numeric keypad and a small display on the front, the LG enV Touch boasts a large touchscreen interface on the front. This can be great for accessing the menu as well as browsing the web.

Opening the phone like a book reveals a second (non-touchscreen) display and a full QWERTY keyboard for ease of text entry. It also comes with a full HTML web browser, 3.2-megapixel camera, and high-speed EV-DO Rev.A network capabilities.

Samsung Gravity 3

If you would prefer not to have a touchscreen interface, it may be worthwhile to consider the Samsung Gravity 3. It is the successor to the Gravity 2 and the original Samsung Gravity mobile phone that came before that. It has a more rounded appearance overall, but the core features and layout remain much the same.This means that you get a T9 keypad on the front with numeric entry, as well as a horizontal slide-out QWERTY keyboard. When you slide out this keyboard, the display automatically rotates into landscape so that you can can better use the full HTML web browser while surfing over a high-speed 3G connection. You can even get Samsung Gravity apps to expand its functionality even further.

Nokia Surge

When asking about the top feature phones for web browsing, the Nokia Surge may not be the first name to come to mind. Even so, this great QWERTY phone can be a great option for surfing the Internet on the go.It comes with access to mobile email, instant messaging, maps and navigation, photography and video, multimedia, and the Internet. The full slide-out keyboard is very easy and intuitive to use as well.

Pantech Jest

Available from Verizon Wireless, the Pantech Jest is a full featured phone that may be a suitable upgrade from the T-Mobile Sidekick. According to the official product description, this mobile phone "sets new standards for wireless social communication," integrating access to mobile instant messaging, wireless chat, and social networking. Other notable features on this slider phone include a 2.0 megapixel camera, a dedicated "My Messaging" key, V CAST Music, PC synchronization software, Bluetooth, and downloadable games.

Motorola Rambler

There aren't too many flip-style cell phones that contain QWERTY keyboards, so the Motorola Rambler is quite unique in that regard. This keyboard makes it easier to enter web addresses and compose email messages, while the flip style helps to protect the screen from damage when the phone is bouncing around in your pocket or purse.The Rambler comes loaded with a 1.3-megapixel camera, wireless web access to email, integrated instant messaging, 2.5mm headset jack, stereo Bluetooth connectivity, preloaded games, and advanced speech recognition.

Affordable Alternative to Smartphones

You don't need a smartphone like the BlackBerry Tour or Droid Incredible if you want to browse the Internet on a cell phone. Those more expensive devices (with their more expensive plans) may be more powerful, but a reliable feature phone can be much more affordable and it can still grant you access to the mobile web. The five phones listed in this article are just the beginning.

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Top Feature Phones for Web Browsing