T-Mobile Dash Downloads

T-Mobile Dash Downloads

There is an abundance of fun and useful T-Mobile Dash downloads that you can take advantage of, spanning all sorts of genres and offering all kinds of functionality. A good number of these downloads are available free of charge, although there are several that cost money so you do have to be a little careful before proceeding. That said, you can usually find trial versions of the software that cost money so that you can try before you buy. Looking to add more features to your T-Mobile Dash smartphone? Look no further because here are a handful of fun downloads for you to enjoy!

Dash Downloads

From useful office tools to fun applications to bring a smile to your face, there is an abundance of free T-Mobile Dash downloads for you to enjoy. Here are a few to get you started, but bear in mind that LoveToKnow does not have a direct relationship with any of these websites or companies, and as such, we cannot be held responsible for any of their content or programming:

  • SMS Threader: Although it only received an overall user rating of 3/10, SMS Threader 1.16 sounds like a very promising product. Instead of having to organize all of your SMS text messages on your own, this program puts them in "threads," much like the e-mail setup you find in Gmail. What results is a list of all your SMS message in an "instant messenger"-like format. Very cool.
  • Resco Photo Viewer: The downside to this program is that it only comes with a free 31-day trial, after which you have to pay to purchase the full edition. The upside is that it is one of the better photo organization tools you can find among the bevy of downloads for the T-Mobile Dash. Make use of that integrated camera and then store the photographs in albums that you can "later edit, comment and send to your friends." There's also a built-in slideshow function.
  • Map4PDA: Yes, the page where you can download this GPS mapping software is remarkably simple, but the functionality you'll receive should be great. Get directions, map your location and more.
  • Personal Mobile Vault: The legality of this is something you may want to research, but with Personal Mobile Vault, you gain the ability to record your voice calls for later review. Near the bottom of the Web page, you'll find a link for "Personal Mobile Recorder." Click there for more information.

Many Options

Because the T-Mobile Dash runs on Windows Mobile, there is a huge range of software out there for you to enjoy. Virtually any program -- free or not -- designed for Windows Mobile will run on the T-Mobile Dash, especially those that were created with a landscape-oriented display in mind.

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T-Mobile Dash Downloads