Starsplash Ringtones

Starsplash Ringtones

Did you know that you can personalize your cell phone with some Starsplash ringtones? Dance to that funky beat every time you receive a call!

Who Is Starsplash?

A duo who focuses on the Euro Trance genre of music, Starsplash burst onto the scene as its own entity in 2001 when they released their first hit single, Wonderful Days, which was launched in October, getting followed up by Free in February 2002 and their first album Here We Go Again! in March 2002.

The two members of the group are Charly Lownoise and Franky Tunes. Prior to partnering up with Franky, Chaly was producing music under his own label, Seashore Music. Involved in the industry since 1992, Charly enjoyed some rather big success with Mental Theo, forming the appropriately named Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo. Prior to his relationship with Charly Lownoise, Franky Tunes went by the pseudonym Topmodelz. He used this moniker for his music producing and it was only when he formed Starsplash with Charly that Topmodelz became Franky.

Some of the most popular Starsplash hits over the years include Rainbow in the Sky, Travel Time, Alive and Cold As Ice. Yes, their music is pretty trippy.

Free Ringtone Resources

There are many ways that you can make your mobile phone your own, fully unique and different from everyone else on the block. There are a variety of free BlackBerry Pearl downloads to enjoy, as well as free Nokia themes, and T-Mobile Dash downloads. You can try getting wallpapers, games and more.

All that said, the first thing that most people will notice about your cell phone is the ringtone that you have. Don't get stuck with the default Nokia ringtone or the Hello Moto ringtone that comes with Motorola cell phones. Instead, spread your wings and enjoy something special like Starsplash.

A wide range of free cell phone ringtone resources are available for you on the Web. These include sites like and You can also make your own MP3 ringtones using a basic music tool like Audacity.

It is through specialized tools like this that you can get the most out of your music phone. Check out our guide on how to upload music to your mobile phone for more details. The process of uploading music is much the same as uploading ringtones. Just crop your favorite song and create some unique Starsplash ringtones.

Download Starsplash Ringtones

If you're not prepared to go through the occasionally confusing steps involved in making your own MP3 Starsplash ringtones, there appear to be a few resources available that have ready-made ringtones. Because Starsplash isn't as mainstream a music group as others, it can be more challenging however.

After scanning our way through the Internet, we have managed to find at least one place where you can download Starsplash ringtones. We cannot vouch for its legitimacy and it must also be noted that these ringtones are not free. You have to sign up for the site and pay the appropriate fees.

The Web site is, the same place where you can a variety of other MP3 ringtones by artists like Sade, Sex Pistols and Shaggy.

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Starsplash Ringtones