Special Sidekick 3 Phones

Special Sidekick 3 Phones

Just having a regular hip QWERTY device doesn't cut it anymore, because if you really want to stand out from the crowd, you should consider some of these special Sidekick 3 Phones. The garden variety Sidekick 3 (available exclusively from T-Mobile) is pretty trendy all by itself -- it's been quite a hit with younger celebrities -- but cell phones are all about customization and letting your personality come shining through. Check out some of these special limited edition Sidekick III phones below and take the opportunity to express yourself. For more on the Sidekick 3 and its competitors, check out our article on Choosing a Phone like a Sidekick.

Special Sidekick 3 Phones

The regular Sidekick 3 (designed by Danger, manufactured by Sharp) comes in largely a silver-grey motif, with the odd black highlight and T-Mobile branding. You can customize your mobile communicator with cell phone accessories, fun ringtones, or unique free wallpapers, but if you really want to stand out from the crowd, you'll need a limited edition phone. Don't worry; there are several special Sidekick 3 phones out there. They just may be somewhat difficult to get your hands on.

Bear in mind that these "special edition" Sidekick 3 cell phones don't come with any kind of extra functionality or additional features. The changes are largely cosmetic, but that certainly won't stop several fashionistas from picking up a limited edition Sidekick 3 or two.

To refresh, the Sidekick 3 comes with a 2.6-inch swivelling display, 1.3 megapixel camera, 64MB each of SDRAM and Flash ROM, Bluetooth Technology, EDGE high-speed data, a miniSD card slot, and -- of course, that lovely QWERTY keyboard.

Colorful Sidekick 3 Variations

If that plain Jane grey doesn't wet your whistle, then you may want to consider these colorful variants of the Sidekick 3. Customized by ColorWare, these hue-tiful cell phones will be offered in "no fewer than 28 different paintjobs." Whether your favorite color is blue, yellow, pink, red, or green, chances are they have a mobile phone in the tone of your choosing.

They are not pre-sold with the extra color in their cheeks, however. You'll have to go to T-Mobile to buy a regular Sidekick 3 first, and then you have to ship it over to ColorWare to get them to paint it. They charge $99 for this service.

Lifted Research Group (LRG) and Diane von Furstenburg

In addition to some customized graphics for the Sidekick 3's menu interface, the LRG and Diane von Furstenburg special edition SK3s come with a rather unique paintjob. For example, the one created by Lifted Research Group (LRG) is in a nature-loving green, complete with a unique pattern on the face of the phone. The Diane von Furstenburg limited edition Sidekick 3, by contrast, is in a jet black with red and pink highlights. This is most notable on the keypad where the numbers are outfitted in an eye-catching pink, contrasting sharply with the darkness of the rest of the QWERTY keyboard.

Expect to spend at least an extra $50 to get these premium Sidekick 3s.

Paris Hilton's Sidekick 3 Gets Crystallized

Talk about bling bling! Paris Hilton is a popular socialite (for better or for worse), and she is particularly well-known for her sense of fashion. She's got oodles of money to spend, so it seems that she took her newly acquired Sidekick 3 and got it studded with plenty of crystals. And she didn't get it outfitted in just regular, everyday crystals either: it's encrusted with Swarovski Crystals of different types. On her special version of the Sidekick 3, you'll find light rose, smoked topaz, and several other "shiny rocks."

To get a similar customization done to your Sidekick 3 (or other portable electronic device, like an Apple iPod or another cell phone), give Crystal Icing a ring. Just don't expect their work to come cheap.

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Special Sidekick 3 Phones