See Cell Phone Bill Online

See Cell Phone Bill Online

Many providers allow you to see your cell phone bill online for convenience. Whether you just want access to your usage amounts or want to find out what other plans you are eligible for, seeing your cell phone bill online is usually the quickest way to do so.

How to Set up Accounts

While the following instructions are not set for any one provider, the basic setup remains similar across the websites.

  1. Type in the provider's website in your browser's address bar (or click one of the following links under the Major Providers Websites section in this article.)
  2. If you haven't done so, you'll need to register for an account. Trying to sign in will most likely send you to the account setup screen; otherwise locate an option to register or sign up for online account access.
  3. Enter in your information, which will probably include your address, your cell phone number (or account number from your paper bill) and an email address so they can send you a verification link to prove you are who you say you are.
  4. Once you verify your identity, click on the tab or link (depending on the site you are visiting) that says "My Account" or something similar.

Setting up your account should take no more than 10 minutes-more if you have a slower Internet connection.

What Will You See on Your Bill?

Normally you will see the same charges on your bill, no matter who your cell phone provider is. You'll see the basic charges like your plan rate and any additional fees such as text messaging and data rates. Also located on your bill are taxes and surcharges and any insurances you've paid for your phone.


So what can you do after you set up your account? You can perform almost all the tasks online that you can as if you went to the provider's store.

Seeing your cell phone bill online lets you look at your usage amount, including total talk minutes (incoming and outgoing); number of sent text messages; and data usage (Web activity, total bandwith of pictures and video sent and received.

The most common task when seeing a cell phone bill online is paying a bill. Most providers accept credit cards and some even accept electronic checks. If desired, you can even set up a monthly recurring payment on the say day each month so you don't have to worry about missing the payment due date.

Some other functions you can do online:

  • Change your cell phone plan. If a plan still fits with the cell phone or phones you currently own, then you can immediately change it. The only time you may not be able to is when you have a smartphone and are selecting a phone plan that does not support a data plan.
  • Upgrade your phone. You don't have to go to the cell phone store; you can upgrade your phone directly from the website.
  • Purchase phones. Typically, the phones you see in the store are also available online. Some consumers visit the store to check out the phones then go online to order them. Sometimes, better deals are offered online.

Security When You See Cell Phone Bill Online

The websites of cell phone providers give you some of the best security when using them to see cell phone bills online. Just make sure that you are logging in to the correct website, which will start with http:// and then only contain the provider's name. Some phishing emails will try to lure you to fake websites to log in, but the fake URL should be easy to spot.

Major Providers Websites

The following are the websites of five major providers:

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See Cell Phone Bill Online