Samsung Omnia Reviews

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Samsung Omnia Reviews

A lot of people may be clamoring over another touchscreen cell phone that's making a lot of waves, but those who venture off the beaten path may be more interested in Samsung Omnia reviews. This lesser known handset comes with a very impressive feature set and it just may be able to win over a few people who would otherwise pay a visit to Steve Jobs in Cupertino.

What is the Samsung Omnia?

Also known as the Samsung i900, the Omnia is very similar in nature to the Apple iPhone. It also has a large touchscreen covering nearly the entire front face, but it has more physical buttons near the bottom. Many of the other features will sound a lot like the second generation iPhone as well.

You get quad-band GSM radios and high-speed 3G networking. Going through the Samsung Omnia reviews, you may find that there are two different versions -- one with HSDPA 2100 for Europe/Asia and another with HSDPA 850/1900 for the Americas -- but they are functionally identical otherwise.

Some other highlights in the Samsung i900 Omnia feature list include a 3.2-inch QVGA touchscreen, accelerometer sensor for auto rotation (like the iPhone), MP3 ringtones, 8GB or 16GB of internal memory, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, 5 megapixel camera with image stabilizer, GPS receiver, FM radio and a multimedia player.

You may notice that on paper, the Samsung Omnia may actually have a few advantages over the iPhone, addressing some of those common complaints. For example, the Omnia has a microSD memory card expansion slot and stereo Bluetooth technology.

Hands-On Videos and Samsung Omnia Reviews

After looking at what the Omnia has to offer and how it is run, you will quickly discover that it is a different kind of phone altogether from the Samsung Blackjack. Despite running on Windows Mobile, this is not really a phone catering to the business market; it's a consumer phone like the iPhone.

Next Windows Mobile

Although it may not technically belong among the rest of the Samsung Omnia reviews, the video provided by Next Windows Mobile offers one of the best overviews of what this touchscreen cell phone has to offer. In the video, you are treated to a comprehensive tour of the user interface, including the on-screen keyboard and certain applications.

In a video review of the Samsung Omnia, gives you a good sense of size in the reviewer's hand. The admittedly short video walks you through the shiny front side, gives you a great look at the five-megapixel camera on the back, and describes the customizable home screen. The Samsung TouchWiz interface makes Windows Mobile a little better looking, just like what HTC did with TouchFLO 3D. The video concludes with the reviewer saying that "this is one for the Windows fanboy and not for someone looking for something consumer-y." Without the QWERTY keyboard, the Omnia may be a hard sell on the corporate segment too.


CNET Asia, in its Samsung Omnia review, said that it enjoyed the wide range of wireless features, haptic feedback, and excellent battery life. On the downside, some apps did not appear to work properly and the finger scrolling was not consistent. Strangely, there is nowhere for you to stow your stylus either.

In the end, CNET Asia gave the Omnia a rating of 8 out of 10.

More Reviews of Samsung i900

At the time that this article was written (early July 2008), the Samsung Omnia had not yet officially hit the market. It was only announced in late June 2008, so it's understandable that Samsung would not have hit full production just yet. As a result, there are very few Samsung Omnia reviews available at this time.

That said, the expected official launch of this phone should be coming soon, so be sure to check around for more reviews as they become available.

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Samsung Omnia Reviews