Samsung Gravity 2 Review

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Before you head out to buy a new mobile phone, you'll want to pay attention to this Samsung Gravity 2 review. This cell phone improves on its predecessor in just about every way without actually increasing the price. In this way, you can get a convenient messaging phone without having to break the bank.

Samsung Gravity 2 Review

The original Samsung Gravity capitalized on an emerging need for messaging-centric handsets that were not full smartphones. After all, not everyone wants to invest in the more expensive mobile data plan that is necessary for products like the BlackBerry and iPhone. At the same time, these messaging phones typically offer more functionality than their more conventional counterparts.

Going from one Samsung Gravity 2 review to the next, the same kinds of thoughts and observations consistently rise to the surface. Is it the right phone for you? Have a look at the overall impressions in each of the major feature areas and see if it is a good fit for your particular needs and preferences.

Overall Design and Style

By and large, the design of the Samsung Gravity 2 remains unchanged from the first Gravity phone. It is noticeably slimmer than its predecessor, but it still has the standard "candybar" design with a 2.3-inch display, navigational and option buttons, and a standard numeric keypad. The full QWERTY keyboard slides out from the left side, at which point the user must rotate the phone 90 degrees and use it in a landscape-oriented fashion.This is quite different from a music-centered phone like the Samsung Juke or a touchscreen device like the Samsung Omnia. The overall design works well for people who send a lot of text messages and email messages, while maintaining the relative convenience of a bar phone for voice calls and menu navigation. Depending on your chosen carrier, you may also get to select from different colors too.

Screen Quality and Visibility

As can be expected with a more basic phone of this size, the display on the phone isn't exactly the largest at just 2.3-inches. This is acceptable for most uses, like sending text messages or even casual games. However, there have been some complaints about the viewing angles. You have to look directly at the display in order to get good visibility, as veering off to the left and right can significantly diminish the legibility of the screen.

Using the QWERTY Keyboard

It's quite clear that Samsung is going after the messaging crowd with a phone like this. It's not quite a full smartphone, but it offers a lot of fantastic functionality in much the same way as the Sidekick line from T-Mobile. Having a full QWERTY keyboard makes texting so much easier than the T9 predictive text feature on most numeric keypads.

Notable in this Samsung Gravity 2 review is that the keyboard isn't quite the same as the one on the original Gravity phone. It now has four rows of keys rather than just three rows of keys. This means that you can enjoy a dedicated row for the numbers, as well as easier access to special characters, the space bar, and so on. The typing experience is much more intuitive and speedy, in this way.

Music, Movies, and Multimedia

Even though it doesn't have access to the iTunes App Store, Android Market, or BlackBerry App World, the Samsung Gravity 2 has its share of mobile applications too. From email to Twitter, these applications make for quite the powerful mobile messaging platform. The Gravity 2 also features a two-megapixel camera, Bluetooth connectivity, built-in music player, and a microSD slot for expandable memory. The camera could be better and the selection of apps could be bigger, but the Gravity 2 does get the job done.

Where to Buy Gravity 2 Cell Phones

If you've decided that the Samsung Gravity 2 is a good choice, then you can find it through carriers like Wind Mobile in Canada and T-Mobile in the United States. Even if you can't find the Gravity 2, you can probably find a suitable alternative with a similar side-sliding QWERTY keyboard for your mobile messaging needs.

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Samsung Gravity 2 Review