Romantic Mobile Phone Text Messages

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Romantic mobile phone text messages are a great way to send an "I Love You" when your loved one doesn't expect it, or when you're both busy, having a bad day, or at the very beginning of the morning. They're quick, cute, and easy to send. You don't even have to come up with the eloquent words yourself! There are plenty of cute text messages online that you can use to bring a smile (or blush) to your significant other's face.

What They Do

Romantic mobile phone text messages are very direct. They tend to be short so you get right to the mushy message and pour out your like or your love. If you don't find the perfect message online to convey your message, always feel free to take inspiration from it or just tweak one of the ones you find.

If you're creative, you may want to write your own from scratch to convey your love. Just remember, keep it short and sweet for the highest impact. Save the lengthy professions of love for email (or in person). If you're well-versed in poetry, you may include a snippet of your favorite. This will be especially effective if your lover shares your love of literature and is familiar with the poem. The lines can be romantic on their own, but if you get the effect of the whole poem in just a few lines, what a powerful gesture that can be!

One more tip: Don't send more than one random romantic mobile phone text message per day. They're typically inexpensive or free to send (depending on your texting plan), but they lose a bit of their meaning if you send multiples.

So the bottom line is that short romantic texts can:

  • Brighten your loved one's day
  • Quickly and creatively express how you feel on the go (no need for pen, paper, and snail mail!)
  • Provide a lengthy poem with just a few lines, especially if you're both into literature or share a favorite poem or play
  • Drop your lover quickly into a moment of reminiscence if you send a note about one of your favorite times together
  • Demonstrate that you think about him or her when you're not together.

Locate Romantic Mobile Phone Text Messages

Want to say beautiful words but unsure of what to say or how to word it? You can always turn to a favorite piece of literature. If you're not into that, you can opt to use a snippet from one of the following sites:

  • Learning Practical Turkish: This doesn't sound like an incredibly romantic site, but some of the quotes they suggest sharing with your loved one are quite that! Some are cute as well, such as At this moment I am a frog. I'm waiting for your kiss and for you to turn me into a prince.
  • Lovely SMS: This is a site that is full of great little messages to send your significant other. One example is Time will always fly, but our love will never die. Keep in touch and remember me.
  • Explore Love: Some of these are written with the text abbreviations intact. Here is an example message: A special smile, a special face. A special someone I can't replace. I luv u, I always will. Uve filled a space no one can fill!

Simple Messages

Sometimes the simplest messages are the sweetest. You can choose to shorten them further by using symbols and abbreviations that are popular in texting or you can spell them all out. Here are a few:

  • I Love You
  • You're cute
  • Always and Forever
  • Thinking of You
  • Miss You
  • Wish You Were Here
  • I'm Yours

If you'd see it on Valentine's candy, chances are good that it will make a good, short romantic text.

The Bottom Line

Use texts to tell someone you love them when life is keeping one or both of you too busy to be together at the moment. Never underestimate the power of a random romantic text.

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Romantic Mobile Phone Text Messages