Plaxo Sync for BlackBerry

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Plaxo Sync for BlackBerry

Since the popular smartphone was designed to keep us constantly connected to the world around us, it would make sense if there was Plaxo Sync for BlackBerry. This way, even if you don't have access to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, you could still have a wireless teechnique for synchronizing your pertinent data.

What is Plaxo Technology?

As you may know, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) represents a service offered by Research in Motion. Using BES, users have wireless access to their corporate email accounts and calendars. The push technology means that any change on the handheld is immediately represented in the desktop Outlook account. The reverse is also true.

In effect, the idea behind the Plaxo service is fundamentally the same. Plaxo has been designed to let you "stay in touch with the people you care about." This goes beyond what you would get from a single social networking site like Facebook or MySpace, because multiple platforms are integrated into a single online destination.

After setting up a Plaxo account, you have the ability to network with your family, friends, and business colleagues. Using the Plaxo Pulse service, you can integrate with online communities such as Flickr, YouTube, and Digg. The address book and other information from Plaxo can then be synchronized with your Outlook calendar and even on your mobile phone.

Is There Plaxo Sync for BlackBerry?

At the time this article was written, Plaxo offered four different downloads for synchronization purposes. These applications were made available for Outlook (and Outlook Express), Mac OS X, Windows Mobile, and Windows (Pulse Notifier). These applications keep your various calendars and contact lists updated and consistent across multiple computers. The Outlook and Mac versions offer Pulse integration as well.

That's the good news.

Unfortunately, there does not appear to be support for Plaxo Sync for BlackBerry. This is despite resounding demand from the community, including owners of the popular BlackBerry Pearl and Curve. Many people want Plaxo Sync for BlackBerry, because they like Plaxo and they like BlackBerry. They just want a way to connect the two.

According to a thread on the Plaxo support forums, the request was put in place way back in August 2007. At the time, Plaxo employee "hong" said that the BlackBerry is "high on our priority list for sync."

Nearly two years later, nothing has materialized and the Plaxo community is getting quite frustrated. Many users from the Plaxo support forum have volunteered to act as beta testers for a possible BlackBerry application, but the company itself has not made any specific indication regarding a possible release date.

Synchronization Alternative: Google

Since the BlackBerry line represents some of the best smartphones available on the market today, it makes sense that there is a community that develops various applications for the phones. While there isn't a Plaxo Sync for BlackBerry just yet, it is still possible to enjoy a wireless "push" synchronization with your contacts and calendar.

One of the better options is Google Sync, an application that works with a wide range of BlackBerry devices. While it will not synchronize with Outlook, Google Sync allows for integration with Google Calendar and Gmail. The contact list from Gmail synchronizes with BlackBerry's contact list, and Google Calendar syncs with the BlackBerry calendar.

Just like the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, a change on the handheld is immediately pushed to a change on the desktop (or virtual online desktop in the case of Google). Plaxo Sync may eventually be released for BlackBerry devices, but Google's solution offers a good alternative in the meantime.

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Plaxo Sync for BlackBerry