Nokia N95 Tricks

Nokia N95 Tricks

There are some amazing Nokia N95 tricks out there. Keep reading to find out more about how to customize your phone.

What Your Phone Can Do

Phones aren't all about making and receiving calls, with the occasional text message thrown in anymore. They do tricks for your entertainment and to impress your friends. And yes, some of them are actually useful.

The Nokia N95 is a part of the Nokia N-series designed to allow you to "access, express, customize, and explore the things that matter to you most." In other words, they want to make your phone yours. Use it for traditional phone functions as well as Internet, music, and mapping.

At the tune of $699, Nokia N95 tricks had better be impressive!

What You're Working With

Let's look at the basic tools you have to work with when you purchase an N95 (it's very smart!). According to the Nokia website, you get:

  • Built-in GPS
  • Web browser with mini map
  • Location-based mobile search
  • Access to your email (and their attachments)
  • The ability to play videos from your phone on your TV (if compatible) via TV-out cable or UPnP architecture
  • The ability to connect your phone to your computer using USB 2.0, Bluetooth, or WLAN (Wi-Fi)
  • MP3 player that works with your headphones or your home/car stereo (and you can use up to 2GB for sound)
  • 5 megapixel camera
  • Carl Zeiss optics
  • Customization, including RSS feeds

Considering it's a GPS, a phone, a mini-computer, camera, and an MP3 player in one, the price isn't looking so steep anymore.

Nokia N95 Tricks on YouTube

Nokia N95 tricks have made this phone a star on YouTube. Just do a search for "Nokia N95" and you'll pull up how-tos and more. Here are a few to get you started:


  • You can look for a blank background (may cost you the price of a text) to replace your operator logo background.
  • Go to Own Skin to create your own free Nokia theme.
  • You can get freeware for your phone, including a calculator, a scientific calculator, a stopwatch, a dictionary, a screenshot generator, and more. Visit the sjc-123 blog listed below to find them all in one spot.
  • You can turn off the camera sounds, so you won't hear the clicking noise when you take a picture. Go to the Profiles menu, then General, then Personalize, then Warning Tones. Set Warning Tones to Off.

Battery Life

With everything the Nokia N95 can do, it's a no-brainer that the battery's not going to last very long. Here are some tricks to conserve battery power:

  1. Skip animated screensavers
  2. Don't let the screen stay lit up long after you're done using it. You can change the option in the Tools menu.
  3. Make sure you close out of all the applications you're not currently using. Some will stay on in the background unless you manually turn the off, so make sure you double-check them.

Bottom Line

The Nokia N95 is so customizable, you'll never want another phone. It truly is like a miniature computer in the way that you can design your background, add a screensaver, create playlists, add freeware, and more. With so many Nokia N95 tricks, it's your life... in a phone.

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Nokia N95 Tricks