MySpace Mobile

MySpace Mobile

MySpace Mobile lets you stay tuned in to your friends' lives (and keep them updated on yours) while you're out on the go! MySpace and Helio have worked together to allow you to stay connected via cell phone when you can't get your hands on a computer keyboard.

What are MySpace and Helio?

MySpace: An online social networking community where hundreds of thousands of people have set up their own "space" to keep in touch, show off, and meet new people without ever having to pick up the phone (to make a real call, at least) or leave the house.

Helio: Backed by Earthlink and SK Telecom, this company's known as the hottest, most advanced wireless carrier. But they don't want you to call them a phone company. You don't have to have a Helio phone to access MySpace Mobile anymore. Other carriers have picked up the ability to access MySpace on the go.

What a match made in Heaven. Two of the best things to happen with technology have merged.

How MySpace Mobile Works

The MySpace Mobile setup looks different, simpler on your cell phone than it does on the computer. It's meant for smaller screens and with fewer keys available. What can you do on MySpace Mobile?

  • Compose email
  • Approve comments
  • Forward messages
  • Approve or deny friend requests
  • Add friends
  • View friends' pages
  • View, edit, and delete photos, plus change your default picture (you can't upload them though!)
  • Read blogs
  • Write blogs
  • Post comments on others' blogs
  • Update your profile (excluding songs/videos)
  • Change your status and mood

There are very few limitations to using the mobile version of MySpace. Some HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) won't work on the mobile version, but in most cases, you'll barely notice a difference. The screen will just be smaller and it will take longer to type messages since you'll be on your cell phone.

Getting Started

Of course you'll need an Internet connection on your cell phone to be able to access MySpace Mobile. Check with your cell phone service provider to find out more about prices and packages-both for Internet and MySpace Mobile (for example, MySpace Mobile costs $2.99/month on AT&T packages; Sprint has offered it for free in the past). Once you get that settled, go to on your cell phone.

From there, you'll see the login page just like you see when you visit MySpace on your computer. Put in your email address and password (you didn't forget them, did you?) and if you wish, have your phone remember your information so you don't have to put it in next time.

Saving your information on your phone is advised-as long as you don't normally share your cell phone--because it takes awhile on such a small keypad to type in a whole email address and password.

You'll see the simplified version of your MySpace account when you get signed in. You'll be greeted by your own status and mood, friends' statuses, and a list of the following:

  • My Inbox
  • My Friend Requests
  • My Friends
  • My Photos
  • My Profile
  • My Blog
  • Bulletins
  • Find Users
  • Settings

See? Not much different from the computer-friendly version.

Which Phones Work

You can't get onto MySpace Mobile with just any old phone. First of all, you need a phone that can connect to the Internet. You'll have to consult with a salesperson within your service provider of choice for a full list of compatible phones.

Check out PDA/Smartphones for the greatest ease. They generally connect to the Internet easily and have keypads that are perfect for typing long messages. So that blog entry you've been meaning to post? You can do it while waiting for a bus, standing in line at the grocery store, or even at work when you can't access MySpace on your computer (but shhh, don't let your boss know what you're doing!).

The Bottom Line

MySpace Mobile will keep you connected on the go-for a price. Check with your cell phone carrier to find out the fees involved with an Internet package and the mobile MySpace capability. Sometimes, the MySpace part is free!

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MySpace Mobile