Motorola Crush Cell Phone

Motorola Crush Cell Phone

The Motorola Crush cell phone is a recently launched touch screen phone by Motorola. The Crush is sold on the US Cellular network. The phone is sleek and features many applications and functionalities expected in a new cell phone device.

Motorola Crush Cell Phone Design

The design of the Motorola Crush is sleek. At four inches tall, two inches wide, and less then an inch thick the Crush fits easily in the palm of your hand or in a pocket. The front of the phone is mainly comprised of a full picture touch screen with a polished silver enclosure. The back of the phone is solid black.

Motorola Crush Key Features

The Crush comes with most standard features for a modern touch screen device.

  • Battery Life
    • The battery is capable of four hours of talk time and twenty hours of standby.
  • Bluetooth
    • The Crush is Bluetooth equipped and can be paired with in-car systems, headsets, and stereo headsets.
  • 3.5 mm Headset Jack
    • The headset jack supports stereo headphones and hands-free kits.
  • Built-in Camera
    • The Crush comes with a built-in two-megapixel camera.
  • Built-in Camcorder
    • A Built-in video recorder is included.
  • Expandable Storage
    • The cell phone can support memory cards up to 16MB.
  • Touch Screen
    • The Crush features a fully functional touch screen.
  • Full QWERTY Keyboard
    • A full QWERTY keyboard can be accessed on the touch screen.
  • SMS and MMS Capable
    • The Crush features SMS text and MMS picture messaging.
  • One-Touch Call Silencer
    • The Motorola Crush has an external call silencer. By pushing the silence button, a user is able to stop a ring tone without having to turn on the device.
  • Password Locking
    • The Crush comes equipped with a password-locking feature. After a user chooses their password, they can set the lock to activate automatically when the phone is not in use. This prevents the phone from turning on in a pocket or purse, and keeps others from accessing the phones information.

Motorola Crush Standard Applications

The Motorola Crush cell phone comes equipped with several standard, and a few untraditional, applications that go beyond making and receiving calls.
  • Music Player
    • A music player capable of playing MP3, M4A, AAC, and WMA files comes standard. Music files can be transferred from a home computer to the removable storage device inside the cell phone.
  • Alarm Clock
    • The alarm clock allows up to three separate alarms to be set.
  • Calendar
    • A standard calendar is included with the Crush. Users can program important dates in to their calendar and view them right on their cell phone.
  • Pac-Man
    • The classic arcade game, Pac-Man, comes pre-loaded on to the device
  • Pedometer
    • A pedometer is pre-loaded on to the phone that will allow a user to track their daily steps.
  • Tone Room
    • The Tone Room application allows users to create their own ring tones and assign them to numbers in their address book. Ring tones can be created from music files stored on the removable storage card.
  • Your Navigator
    • Your Navigator is a GPS device for the Motorola Crush. Your Navigator requires a subscription charge through U.S. Cellular's GPS navigation service.

Motorola Crush Cell Phone Accessories

The Crush comes with a standard wall-charger. A car charger can be purchased separately. An expandable memory card up to 16MB can also be purchased for the device. Due to the phone's Bluetooth capabilities, a Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth stereo headset can be purchased as additional phone accessories.

Crush Pricing and Availability

The Crush is made by Motorola, one of the more popular cell phone brands, and sold exclusively on the U.S. Cellular network. U.S. Cellular uses a CDMA network that is not available in all areas. You can find out if U.S. Cellular is available in your area by using the store locator on their website.

Pricing for the Motorola Crush ranges from $69 (with a two-year service agreement) to $250 dollars if purchased directly from Motorola. The Crush is intended to be a mid-range cell phone, and is priced for that market.
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Motorola Crush Cell Phone