Mosquito Ringtone Sample

Mosquito Ringtone Sample

When you're looking to be a little more discreet with your cell phone, it may pay to consider using a mosquito ringtone sample instead of a regular ringer. This way, you're likely one of the very few people who will actually hear the phone ring, ensuring that all those old folks are none the wiser to the situation.

What Is the Mosquito Ringer?

While you may be inclined to get some spooky ringtones for Halloween, the mosquito ringtone sample is quite the different beast altogether. It's not really designed for the purposes of customization and personal expression the way that movie or television-themed ringtones would work for your mobile phone. Instead, they're about keeping your communications private without alerting the attention of other people in the room.

In short, the mosquito ringer is largely aimed at younger users, including tweens, teenagers, and college students. By using this kind of ringtone, only the younger people in the room can hear the sound and, thus, the teachers and professors in the room won't even know that you are receiving a text message or some other notification on your phone.

Some people may say that the added distraction is certainly among the cons of cell phones in schools, but the younger users who rely on the handsets to stay connected and communicative will argue otherwise.

How Does It Work?

How is it possible to have a cell phone ringtone that is only audible to a younger audience and not to an older demographic? The science behind it is actually quite simple. The mosquito ringer is simply a sound that is outside the audible range of hearing for most people over a certain age. As you get older, your sense of hearing starts to degenerate, making it more difficult for you to hear higher-pitched noises.

With the so-called "mosquito" ringer, the tone is still within the range of younger people, like high school students, but outside the typical audible range of their teachers, who are usually over the age of 30. It is through this discrepancy in ability that the high-pitched sound sound is able to work. Young people can then receive phone calls and text messages without the teachers knowing.

This is quite different from the personal expression that may come from downloading funny MP3 ringtones or other ringers that are meant to allow for the customization of the mobile phone to fit the user's personality and tastes.

Where to Get a Mosquito Ringtone Sample

There are a number of different cell phone ringtone resources available on the Internet. Most of these focus on music, sound effects, movies, television, and other pop culture references. Some sites offer ringtones completely free of charge, whereas others may charge you on a per-ringtone or a subscription basis. Whatever the case, you'll want to be careful reading through the fine print before you make any of these downloads. Above and beyond this, you'll want to scan the safety of the site in case of viruses, malware, spyware, and other computer infections.

If you go through your chosen wireless provider, you will likely be able to find an online marketplace that is accessible directly from your cell phone. This marketplace will typically contain some ringtones that can then be downloaded directly to your phone. Alternatively, you can try some of the online resources and transfer the ringtone file over to your phone manually. This can be done via Bluetooth or with a USB data cable.

One of the better places to get a mosquito ringtone sample is the aptly named This website contains not just one mosquito ringer, but thirteen different ones. These range in audio frequency from 8kHz (audible to most people of all ages) to 22kHz (typically only audible to those aged 18 and younger). The goal is to download and use the highest frequency that you can still hear. The audio files are available in MP3, WAV, and OGG formats.

Changing Tones with Age

It's debatable whether you want such a high-pitched ringtone on your phone in the first place, but there is a definite demographic out there that is interested in such an application. Even so, you may find your own mosquito ringtone becoming more and more inaudible as you get a little older, so it pays to get a lower frequency version from time to time. After all, if you can't hear it, what's the point?

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Mosquito Ringtone Sample