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Large Screen Smartphone

Michael Kwan
Large Screen Smartphone

Investing in a large screen smartphone could be one of the best things you ever do for yourself. There are so many advantages to picking up a smartphone, so nabbing one with a huge display can only add to the rewards!

Good Large Screen Smartphone Choices

Some people may think that smartphones are only for business people and this stereotype has largely been perpetuated by the BlackBerry phenomenon. This is not necessarily the case! More powerful PDA phones, especially a large screen smartphone, can be great investments for anyone, because you can enjoy videos on a huge display, not to mention the ability to surf the mobile Web without having to squint.

With so many options in the marketplace, it can be difficult to determine which smartphone is the best for you. Feel free to shop around, but in the meantime, here are five handsets that are popular and recommended.

Apple iPhone

Here's an easy choice. The Apple iPhone has been a resounding success. Many people have come to really like Apple's products, especially their MacBook computers and iPod music players, so it should come as little surprise that people jumped all over the chic appearance and functionality of the iPhone. The large touchscreen display is very innovative, because of the "multi-touch" technology found within. Surfing the Web and watching videos on the crisp screen are an absolute joy. Be sure to stay on top of iPhone software updates to enjoy the latest functionality and bug fixes.

HTC Touch Dual

HTC smartphones are perhaps the most popular smartphones around the world and this is because HTC creates handsets for a lot of companies, allowing them to re-brand the phones under their own banners. For example, the T-Mobile MDA is actually manufactured by HTC, as are most phones that come with i-mate, Dopod, and Qtek branding. The HTC Touch Dual competes against the iPhone, because its large touchscreen can also easily accept finger-based input, but what's cool about the Touch Dual is that it has a slide-out SureType keyboard. This keyboard is similar to the BlackBerry Pearl.

AT&T Tilt

The AT&T Tilt is essentially a rebranded version of the HTC TyTN II. The Tilt is definitely a high-end smartphone, because it's almost as powerful as a basic notebook computer! The large display on the front is a touchscreen, but the most unique feature is that you can slide the phone open in such a way that the display is "tilted" with a QWERTY keyboard exposed underneath. This gives it an almost mini-notebook appearance. Key features include a 3MP camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, and Windows Mobile 6.

LG Prada Phone

Perhaps the smartphone that most closely resembles the Apple iPhone is the LG Prada. If the only LG phone you've experienced is the Chocolate Phone, then you'll be absolutely astounded by the LG Prada. There is no physical keypad to speak of, because -- like the other phones on this list -- the LG Prada has a touchscreen display. There is a definite high-end feel to this handset. For a similar experience, you can also look for the Samsung Armani phone.

Helio Ocean

Can't decide if you want a phone with QWERTY or a regular numeric keypad? With the Helio Ocean, you don't need to choose, making it a very interesting large screen smartphone. The Ocean has a triple-decker design where if you slide it one way, you get the digits for dialing, whereas if you slide it the other way, you get a QWERTY keyboard for messaging. There's also all sorts of multimedia and Helio PDA programming to experience.

Large Screen Smartphone