Kyocera Cell Phones

Kyocera Cell Phones

In a world occupied by Nokia, Samsung, and Motorola, it's pretty easy for Kyocera cell phones to get lost in the mix. The electronics maker is based out of Kyoto, Japan and it makes a number of unique items, including high-end audio components, ceramic-based products, and digital imaging solutions (like cameras). Kyocera mobile phones may not be as well known as some others, but they are used extensively with a number of American MVNOs (as described below).

Kyocera Cell Phones

Kyocera was originally founded in 1959 as Kyoto Ceramic Co, Ltd. before compressing their name into what it is known as today. Since that time, they have gone around acquiring several prominent electronics and technology companies, including Mita Industrial (photocopier manufacturer) and QUALCOMM (cell phone developer), which were purchased in January and February 2000, respectively.

With not nearly as ubiquitous as some of their Japanese counterparts, Kyocera cell phones typically boast rather unique designs, form factors, and features. In the North American market, Kyocera caters almost exclusively to the CDMA segment, marketing their phones to cell phone service providers who make use of the technology.

Kyocera Cell Phones on Ampd Mobile

Get Amp'd. Geared toward the hip younger generation, Ampd Mobile was a leading MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) working off of the Verizon Wireless high-speed network. The two Kyocera phones that they carried are functionally identical. Unfortunately, Ampd has since closed its doors for good.

  • Jet (black) and Angel (white): If fashion is a primary selling point for you, then these two lovely slider phones would have appealed to you. They're sleek, they're attractive, and they rock vibrant color displays. Key features include a personalized user interface, a built-in multimedia player, and a microSD slot for memory expansion.

MTS Allstream and Kyocera

While Kyocera cell phones were once carried by Telus Mobility in Canada, the larger wireless provider no longer has Kyocera phones as part of its lineup. MTS Allstream, a regional carrier in Manitoba, still carries at least one device though.

  • Kyocera Neo E1100 Phone: This stylish flip phone has an illuminated "breathing" lightpipe, a glowing 2.2-inch QVGA display, Bluetooth technology, and a sub-surface OLED external display.

With Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile is perhaps one of the best known prepaid cellular service providers, both in Canada and the United States, in addition to international locales like the United Kingdom, Australia, France, and South Africa. In the United States, Virgin Mobile carries three Kyocera cell phones.

  • Kyocera X-tc: Featuring a full keyboard, this device is largely focused on the messaging fanatic. It also comes with a built-in MP3 player and dedicated media controls, making portable entertainment easy as well.
  • Kyocera TNT!: A simple phone at an affordable price, the flip phone isn't exactly explosive in nature. You get an external LCD and mobile web access, as well as a speakerphone for handsfree calling.
  • Kyocera Jax: While it may look like a budget phone, the Jax is perfectly suited for social networking, text messaging, and more. It even has a "Buddy Beacon" feature to let your friends know where you are... and vice versa!
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Kyocera Cell Phones