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Instinct Phone Apps

Instinct Phone Apps

Instinct phone apps allow you to turn your Samsung Instinct into a multi-function tool to keep you organized, increase your productivity and help you enjoy music and other entertainment. Some of the categories filled by these apps include games, entertainment and music, productivity, reference and education. If you want to have information and entertainment right at your fingertips, download one or more of these apps for your Samsung Instinct phone on the Sprint network.

Instinct Phone Apps


  • Breakout Arcade involves breaking as many bricks as possible without losing your turn. Earn extra turns and double bars by racking up points during the game. This app has a one-time fee of 99 cents.
  • CT Collection offers a collection of games that allow you to skip downloading multiple apps. The package includes mini shot basketball, air hockey and Breakout Arcade.
  • Video Poker includes four different versions, which include Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better. The one-time fee allows you to access the card game everyone knows and loves. Brush up on your skills or just enjoy a fun game.
  • Remember the game Simon Says that you used to play in school? One of the Instinct phone apps is Simon Says 1.0. This game involves following lights and sounds to copy patterns. If you mess up, you'll have to start over.
  • Cosmik Debris is your own electronic "magic eight ball". Ask and you will get an answer.


  • Local News is just what it says. Plug in your hometown information for regular news updates. For writers or city officials, this could be an invaluable tool.
  • myInstinctBible allows you to have the King James version of the Holy Bible at your fingertips. This app has an annual fee but is invaluable to preachers and Sunday school teachers.
  • Metronome and Tuner is for the active musician in need of keeping his instrument tuned. This is great for students during music class. The variety of settings allows you to find just the right pitch during even more difficult etudes.


  • KBTranslator is great for the constant traveler. This is one of the Instinct apps that is pulling double duty and is also educational. It can translate 34 different languages.
  • Twinstinct allows you to stay connected through Twitter. No need to look through more Instinct apps.
  • [%22http://w Kbui] is a launcher that is customizable by you. This allows you to launch and switch from your phone, to email, calculator, TV functions, IM, calendars and even music programs. It allows the ultimate in communication capabilities.


  • Voice Recorder is one of the Instinct apps with the longest recording ability. It can record between 200 and 300 minutes of speeches, ideas, business meetings or whatever else you need.
  • Countdown is your own alert system to never missing important events. Keep yourself on time and efficient by making planning easier. For only 99 cents, this app fits every budget.
  • Check Book V1.5 allows you to accurately keep up with your bank account. Never overdraw your account due to math mistakes again. This app even allows you to e-mail information to Microsoft Excel for easy budget and finance tracking. This app is well worth it if you want to stay on top of your finances.
  • [%22http://www.instinct-software.c File Browser 1.1] is like an electronic filing cabinet. Never go searching for a single document. Sort and organize information to your heart's content. All of your files stay neat, tidy and easily accessible.


  • KBCalc allows you to eliminate the bulky scientific calculator. Science students no longer have to worry if they have their calculators in class because they almost never leave their cell phones at home. This app makes it much easier to complete assignments in math, chemistry and related subjects. This app is absolutely free, making it a valuable addition to your app collection. UsefulUtils 1.0 allows you to carry a protractor and a ruler without the hassle. This allows you to complete math assignments in the classroom or at home. Never worry about carrying a ruler and protector with you again. This app has a low cost of 99 cents.
  • GeocachePro is like Hide-n-Seek for grownups using real geography. Use this version of the Instinct phone apps to track all of your geocaching finds without having to type them in manually each time.


  • KBPiano is your own musical keyboard in your pocket. Practice a bit or simply entertain yourself or your children with the ultimate in portable music makers. This in one of the free Instinct apps available online.
  • mwuRecorder 1.1 allows you to record any and all audio, including music. The low cost app makes it the ideal addition to a music lover's library.

Take advantage of these great Instinct applications today and experience the power of the Internet in the palm of your hands.

Instinct Phone Apps