How to Send a Free Text Message

How To Send a Free Text Message

Do you want to send text messages but don't have a phone or want to avoid paying messaging fees? Online texting services let you send messages from your computer and may even let you see replies at not cost. Some even provide the opportunity to contact friends internationally.

Free Text Message Services

There are a variety of free texting services online, but not all of them are reputable or work correctly. The best sites have a policy against sending spam to the numbers you message, and they support a wide variety of cellular providers. Best options are Text 4 Free and TextYourBuddy.

1. Text 4 Free

Text 4 Free supports free messaging to various providers worldwide and even lets users attach images, videos and audio files to their text messages. The easy-to-use site supports up to 10 recipients per message. Although you won't be able to see the recipients' replies using this site, you can send a text by doing the following:

  1. Type the recipient's number in the first pink box down the page, then select their provider from the drop-down list to the right.
  2. Click "Click to Add Another Recipient" to add more numbers and providers.
  3. Type your message in the large text box in the second step
  4. Unless you're sending multiple copies of the message to each person, skip the third pink box.
  5. Click "Browse" if you want to attach a media file to the message. This option only works for select providers in the US, such as Cincinnati Bell, AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon.
  6. Type the numeric code in the fifth pink box, then click "Send Message"

2. TextYourBuddy

TextYourBuddy is a messaging site that lets you send up to 30 free texts per day to selected carriers worldwide. It features an online address book for easy access to your contacts and stores your sent messages in a folder for later review. The premium account option includes picture messaging, the ability to view replies and support for additional providers, but the free account is sufficient for sending.

Sign up by clicking the "My Account" link and selecting the "New User?" option. After you sign up, you'll need to click a confirmation link in your email to proceed. When your account is activated, do the following to send a message:

  1. Click the "Send SMS" link on the site's menu
  2. Select your contact's carrier from the Select Carrier drop-down list
  3. Type the person's mobile number in the next box
  4. Type a subject for the SMS
  5. Enter your message in the following text box
  6. Type the verification code and click "Send"

Choosing a Free Text Messaging Service

When looking at these services, choose one that supports the carriers your contacts use and the countries they live in. You should also consider whether you need to attach multimedia files and if receiving replies is important. Whether your contact lives in the same town or in another country, these services can provide a free way to stay in touch.

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How to Send a Free Text Message