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If you've ever been surrounded by people who have the same cell phone as you, then you'll know why someone would want to know how to download ringtone samples that would separate themselves from the crowd. There's nothing more annoying than hearing a phone ring and thinking it's yours, only to discover that it's a call for someone else.

Be Wary of Free Ringtone Sites

When looking to download ringtones for your cell phone, it's easy to hop into your favorite search engine and go to town with all the different options that arise with a simple web search for your phone model and the ringtones available for it. While there are certainly legitimate places to download free ringtones, many other sites can be very deceptive in their approach. They may seem to offer free ringtones, but they could be phishing sites, farming your personal information so that it can be sold to third-party advertisers.

Yes, you want to know how to download ringtone possibilities from a number of different sources, but you should be especially careful when you are downloading this kind of content from the Internet. While it may be less convenient, it may be more prudent to download the ringtones to your computer locally, saving them onto your phone after the fact. Contrast this to some of the risks associated with having the ringtone download sent directly to your phone via SMS or MMS. You may accidentally sign up for a "premium" text message service that results in a massive monthly bill!

As with any other transactions you perform, the old adage applies to ringtone downloads too: buyer beware.

Free Ringtones from Myxer

One legitimate source of cell phone ringtones that you may want to consider is Myxer. This site offers a huge range of cell phone ringtones for a variety of different models and carriers, as well as the ability to create your own custom ringtones if you so prefer. This added level of personalization will certainly separate you from the crowd, making it unmistakable that when you hear your ringtone, you know that it's your phone that is ringing.

How to Download Ringtone from Computer to Phone

Whether you want ringtones for a Samsung phone or ringtones for some other brand of cell phone, the general process can be largely the same. This will depend on the make and model of your mobile phone, but similar strategies can usually be deployed. The process of how to download ringtone files from your computer to your cell phone is not as complicated and intimidating as some people may suspect it is.

Get a Compatible Ringtone File

Many modern cell phones support MP3 files as ringtones, but you will need to check with your carrier or manufacturer to double-check this. It may also be mentioned explicitly in your user manual. Older phones may need to use WAV or MIDI format ringtone files, while others may not be compatible with downloadable ringtones at all!

If you do not find the ringtone that you want from the several sources on the Internet, it isn't that challenging to make your own ringtones instead. This way, you can be sure that it is completely unique and different from anyone else on the block!

Save to a Memory Card or Attach a Data Cable

If your cell phone has a memory card slot, you may be able to save the ringtone file to a memory card to transfer to your phone. Alternatively, you may use a USB data cable to connect your phone to your computer. Transfer the file accordingly to your cell phone, noting where the ringtone file was saved so you can find it later.

Assign the Ringtone

Going into the appropriate area in your cell phone's menu, assign the newly acquired ringtone as either your default ringer or the ringtone associated with a particular contact or group of contacts. This is the same as using a ringtone that was pre-installed on your phone, though you may need to know the exact location of the ringtone file.

More Customizations Too

Make your cell phone truly your own. After downloading and activating some custom ringtones, don't hesitate to upload some custom wallpapers, download special applications, and adjust other settings to suit your particular preferences and personality.

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How to Download Ringtone