Helio Ocean Reviews

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Helio Ocean Reviews

Listening to just one opinion often isn't enough to justify such an important purchase, so we have found several Helio Ocean reviews for you to read.

What is Helio?

While most people in the United States probably think of T-Mobile, Sprint and other major cell phone service providers when it comes to buying a new mobile phone, there are many other options out there for you to consider.

Helio is an MVNO -- Mobile Virtual Network Operator -- jointly started by SK Telecom and Earthlink. It does not have a cellular network of its own, instead purchasing segments of cell phone service coverage from another company.

At this time, Helio is heavily marketing itself toward the younger demographic. This is evidenced by their emphasis of MySpace Mobile. You'll also notice that Helio has a preference for Korean-made cell phones, particularly Samsung cell phones and Pantech cell phones.

Helio Ocean Features and Specifications

Here are some of the key features and specifications for the Helio Ocean smartphone-like handset.

  • Dual slider design with three layers, revealing a conventional numeric keypad when opened vertically and a QWERTY keyboard when open horizontally
  • 2.0 megapixel camera
  • Standard Helio "circular" user interface
  • Built-in GPS functionality
  • High-speed EV-DO connectivity
  • Instant messaging and mobile e-mail
  • microSD memory card expansion slot
  • Music and video player
  • Direct competitors include the Sidekick 3 from T-Mobile and the LG enV from Verizon Wireless.

Seven Helio Ocean Reviews

What we have here is not one, not two, but seven Helio Ocean reviews to give you all sorts of perspectives on the popular messaging phone. The overall consensus is that it is a solid cell phone for youths and other text message-oriented users, largely because of its reasonably compact size, dual keypads, and ease of use.

  • Slashgear says that they would definitely recommend the ocean, "with the understanding that what you're look for is a well-featured device and not a smartphone."
  • MobileBurn loves the Helio Ocean, stating that the messaging oriented device easily holds its own against smartphones and the Sidekick. They were particularly with the support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, though there are a few areas in the user interface "that need further polishing."
  • Gizmodo thinks that "the coolest and most useful thing" on the Helio Ocean is that you are able to search directly from the homescreen, immediately finding entries in your contact list or any of the Web sites supported by the Ocean, including Yahoo!, Google, Google Maps, Wikipedia and Amazon. They're not impressed with the camera however.
  • InfoSync World gives the Ocean a score of 82 percent. They liked the slick design, the excellent address book, and the strong GPS sensor, but found video performance to be disappointing. They also note that while the keyboard is "a bit cramped", the Ocean "is a very likable device."
  • Crunchgear found that the dual keypad design of the phone resulted in "depth and mass that surpasses that of most typical phones." Even so, they state that the keyboard "is the best I've seen yet on a device of this nature."
  • Laptop Magazine gives the Helio cell phone a rating of four stars out of five, saying it's a messaging and search champ, as well as a good entertainer, but it's ultimately a so-so surfer. At the end of the day, they still say that it is "a best-in-class messaging phone."
  • Pc World remarks that "this stylish, feature-packed phone almost has it all." They love the intuitive dual-slider design, but found the call quality to be "lackluster" sometimes. The battery life could be improved, though, as it only lasted five-and-a-half hours hours in their tests.
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Helio Ocean Reviews