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The core productivity suite that accompanies most HTC smartphones is perfectly adequate for satisfying your basic communication needs, but you may find yourself yearning for more. A variety of smartphone applications can help with that.

Popular Apps for HTC Smartphones

The variety of smartphone software is astounding. You can find everything from mobile image editors to tip calculators, fun puzzle games, and news aggregators. If there's something you want to do with your phone, there's a good chance that there's an app that can handle it. While HTC started out with more of a focus on Windows Mobile (which has now become Windows Phone), the company has since shifted its focus to the Google Android platform. That is where you will find the greatest variety of HTC apps available.

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker

Developed by MyFitnessPal, this free Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker Android app has been featured in several major publications and programs, including USA Today, Marie Claire, NBC, CNET and The Today Show. The robust calorie counter includes a database of over one million different foods. It also has the ability to automatically scan food barcodes, track nutrients, track exercise routines, keep progress reports, and view progress charts. It is easily one of the most popular fitness and wellness apps available for the Android platform, and it has earned over 4,000 customer reviews on the Amazon Appstore for Android with an overall five-star rating.

HTC Transfer Tool

Developed directly by the HTC Corporation, this free HTC Transfer Tool Android app is designed for people who recently purchased a new HTC smartphone and wish to transfer all of their old content and material over from the previous handset. The transfer utility is incredibly robust and comprehensive. It transfers data such as contact lists, messages, calendar entries, music, settings, and photos, as well as wallpapers, bookmarks, display settings and videos. The previous phone must have been running at least Android 2.3 Gingerbread in order for this free utility to work, but the previous phone does not need to be an HTC model. Over 100 settings are transferred in all.

Backup for HTC One

While the previous HTC app was designed to migrate settings and preferences from one phone to another, this free HTC Backup for HTC One app is meant to be the "simplest and most complete way to protect and preserve the unique HTC One experience you create for yourself." Developed by HTC and powered by Dropbox, the app will automatically back up the HTC One smartphone once per day when connected to a Wi-Fi network. This includes home screen layouts, personal dictionaries, alarms, and stocks, as well as wallpapers, saved Wi-Fi networks, mail accounts and passwords. It will even backup social network passwords, BlinkFeed categories, wallpapers and bookmarks, among more than 150 settings in total.

HTC Skin GOWeatherEX

While Android phones typically start with the same fundamental platform, manufacturers layer on different "skins" to customize the user interface and experience, which differentiates their product offerings from those of the competition. For people with HTC phones, this comes in the form of the HTC Sense user interface. The free HTC Skin GOWeatherEX app mirrors many of the HTC style home screen widgets for a variety of Android phones, and claims to give "the most accurate weather information from anywhere at any time."


Developed by Mobile Stream and priced at $9.99, the EasyTether app allows you to take the cellular data connection on your HTC smartphone and share that Internet connection with a Mac, Windows or Ubuntu PC via a USB connection. The app is compatible with phones from all the major American carriers, including Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile. This is a valuable solution for Android users who do not wish to "root" their smartphones.

Compatible with Nearly All Android Apps

In the past, certain apps were only compatible with certain handsets, and it was very important to check compatibility before purchasing or downloading anything. This is becoming less the case with common platforms like Google Android. While there are still some apps that are specialized to certain brands or certain models, the vast majority of Android apps available from the Google Play Store and from the Amazon Appstore for Android will be compatible with HTC Android smartphones. HTC also has handsets that use Windows Phone as the operating system, and those users can turn to the Windows Marketplace for compatible apps.

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