Free TracFone Airtime Codes

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Finding free TracFone airtime codes may make you feel like it's your lucky day! The best part is you can almost always find a free code online for free minutes (and sometimes a discount on a new phone too).

What Are TracFone Airtime Codes?

Free TracFone airtime codes are those five-digit codes that get you extra talk time, usually anywhere from 50 to 300 minutes, on your phone without costing a dime. It's easiest to get them when you first sign up for your new phone because there are so many TracFone promotions floating around. These promotions are the company's way of trying to lure you into their contract-free way of calling.

However, not all of the special offers are reserved for new customers. You can also find codes for bonus minutes online that you can use when you simply add more minutes to your phone. You can't use the bonus codes without also entering in a 15-digit PIN number from the back of an airtime card. That means if you're running low on minutes and find a code, you still have to purchase more minutes before you can use that code; you can't just tack the extra 50 minutes or so onto the remaining minutes you have. If you can, try to gather a few codes in case some do not work.

Finding Free TracFone Airtime Codes

There are quite a few places online where you can score free TracFone airtime codes. Some require you to purchase and activate a new phone, but the additional minutes are free. Others attach bonus minutes to your purchase of airtime minutes for your phone. If you are using a code that you found online, be sure to check the dates the codes were posted before attempting to use them since codes do expire.

Check out the following websites to look for free TracFone codes:

  • Retail Me Not: These codes are updated frequently and you can get feedback on the ones that work best.
  • When you purchase a TracFone, sometimes you'll find a code for bonus minutes right off the bat. The main page will often greet you with several different free minute offers.
  • Daddy-O Deals: This is a forum that allows users to post the free codes they come across.
  • Save on Prepaid Phones: You'll find more bonus coupon codes here for TracFones. You will also see success rates so you'll know if a code hasn't been working well without having to spend time trying it yourself.

Another way to get a code is to set up an account on You can enter an email address to receive promotions, including codes for free minutes. These offers provide mailing list members with great deals and savings.

Using the Codes

You will either need to visit the TracFone website to enter your codes or call TracFone to do it over the phone. Another method is to add a code directly to your TracFone. Each phone is different so you will need to follow the directions for your specific phone. You may need to try several codes until you find the one that works for your plan and phone.

When entering a code or adding minutes to your phone, it is important to have your TracFone turned on. While minutes may be added instantly, it can also take up to 24 hours for a promotional code to be added to your phone.

Seek and You Shall Receive

There are plenty of free airtime codes out there for TracFones, whether you're setting up a new account or just loading more minutes on your phone. Be sure to do a quick search before adding airtime so that you can get the best deal possible, paying less overall per minute.

Free TracFone Airtime Codes