Are There Truly Free Ringtones for TracFones?

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You don't have to have a contract to get ringtones; however, it may be nearly impossible to find free ringtones for TracFones online! You can get polyphonic or regular ringtones on your TracFone, from almost any genre you'd like but you'll most likely have to pay a few dollars for it.

The Difficulties of Finding Free Ringtones for TracFones

From TracFone limitations to the irritation or confusion that could ensue when you try to download tones from other sites, there are some definite hurdles to downloading any type of ringtones to TracFones. Unless you download directly from, that is. So, even if you find a possible free source, you likely can't download it.


First of all, the TracFone browser is a very limited tool. You can go to TracFone's website and download ringtones from there with ease (and with money!). Try to go to another site and get free ringtones for TracFones and you could run into navigation trouble.

Download Issues

With some phones, you can hook a USB cable up to your computer and transfer a song to your list of ringtones. TracFones don't allow you to transfer data to your phone with USB cables, unfortunately. In some cases, you may find a free ringtone for TracFones online and have it sent to your phone via text message. But, you will be charged for the text and any airtime it takes to download the file. And sometimes the file will fail. Mp3 files are more likely to fail than midi/polyphonic files.

How to Download Ringtones for a Fee

The Tracfone website is a perfect place to start if you need to know how to download ringtones for your specific model of phone. Here is an overview, however, that may help you get a general idea when it comes to downloading ringtones onto your own phone:

  • Use your browser to find a ringtone you wish to download
  • Choose "Select"
  • Download
  • You may have to select "Save" again to make your selection download to your phone once you verify that you do want a specific ringtone
  • Choose "Set as Ringtone" and select "Okay" if given the option here.
  • Power-cycle the phone
  • If you need to go back in later and set your new music as the ringtone (rather than before you power-cycle the phone), look for folders under your Audio or Ringtone settings that imply that they house downloads, such as "My Stuff."

It seems that the best place to get ringtones for TracFones is the TracFone site itself. No, they aren't free, but you will save yourself the hassle of getting charged for airtime and texts, and if the download doesn't work the first time, it will be easier to correct. You will also have step-by-step details on how to download ringtones to your type of phone from the site so there is less room for error.

Make Up for the Fees

You can almost break even and effectively get your ringtones free if you search for special TracFone promotions. Search for ways to get more minutes for your money. Saving money through TracFone's other specials may make you feel better about having to pay for your ringtones. The next time you add airtime to your TracFone, scour the Web to see if there are any special deals that allow for bonus minutes when you purchase a certain amount of time for your phone.

Be Careful When Downloading

If you do decide to continue searching for free ringtones that work well with TracFones, do so with caution. Some sites will lure you in with the promise of free ringtones for TracFones when there is actually a fee involved. Be sure to read all the fine print before you choose to download your ringtone of choice.

Final Thoughts

You may want to put downloading free ringtones on the back burner for now if you have a TracFone. However, that doesn't mean you can't save money elsewhere within other promotions to make up for the cost.

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Are There Truly Free Ringtones for TracFones?