Free Ringtones for Motorola Phones

Free Ringtones for Motorola Phones

Free ringtones for Motorola phones allow you to show your personality without ever opening your mouth-as long as someone calls you while you're out in public. Choose a single default tone for your phone or assign different ringtones to individuals in your phone book. You can also get sounds that signal texts, voicemail messages, and more.

About Free ringtones

Free ringtones do exist. Sometimes you have to dodge past ads that lure you in with the hottest new tunes out there and then ask you to sign up for a paid subscription. However, you can get those same types of ringtones without paying a dime as long as you pay close attention to where you click, determine whether you stayed on the original ringtones site with that click (ads are tricky and well disguised sometimes!), and you check with your cell phone service provider about fees attached to downloading things from the Internet to your phone or receiving text messages.

Find Free ringtones for Motorola Phones

Some websites that offer free ringtones have them divided by type of phone and others have them divided by the cell phone service providers for which they are intended. That makes locating free ringtones for Motorola phones relatively simple once you find some bona fide free sites rather than those that have hidden fees. Remember to make sure you won't incur any charges from your cell phone service provider if you receive your free ringtone via the Internet or by text message. Some sites allow you to send ringtones directly from their site to your phone while others require you to download them to your PC and then transfer them to your phone via a cable. Here are a few places to search for your expressive or laugh-worthy new ringtones:

  • has ringtones for Motorolas. Choose from a variety of genres like hip-hop, classical, jazz and more. Just select the phone model that you have and print your instructions.
  • has ringtones you can use, but be aware of where each click takes you. Sometimes you may find yourself outside of the Zedge site under an advertiser's domain where they ask you to subscribe and pay a fee. Be sure to select Mobile Web Direct Download or PC Download directly below the thumbnail instead of the big green banner that says "Download ringtone" (it's an advertisement).
  • allows you to take advantage of completely original free ringtones for Motorola phones. You can choose from different types of ringtones, such as standard, wake up, funny, animal, message alerts, sound effects, and more.

A Final Word

Finding free ringtones for Motorola phones is easy. Narrowing it down to the perfect one for you could be the challenge simply because there are so many options out there. Always remember to check your cell phone plan to make sure that, once you dodge the potential fees of cell phone ringtone download sites, you won't wind up with charges on your bill because of the way you received the ringtones (Internet or text message). Set aside a little while to browse through the Motorola selections out there so that you can find just the one-or ones-you're hoping to add to your ringtone repertoire.

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Free Ringtones for Motorola Phones