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Poking Fun

It's no wonder cell phone jokes have become so prevalent in today's society - smart phones are an ever-present facet of life for most people. It's difficult to not find some humor in something so important to daily life, especially when there are so many people who won't take their gaze off their phones no matter what.

Are smart phones necessary for day-to-day life? Probably - but that doesn't mean it's impossible to poke some fun at them once in a while.

Strange Focus

The old cell phone camera has a rather rudimentary lens, but by holding it close to one object (such as a face, here) you can make some very cartoonish effects.

Modern smart phones have a variety of lens options. Add filters to the mix and you have the potential for some wild photos!

Hey, Baby!

One wonders if he's talking to his girlfriend or just another young pal?

Cross a cell phone with a baby wearing a dirty diaper and you're bound to get stinky service!

I Prefer Cell Phones for a Reason!

Is it possibly because you have atrocious nose etiquette? Smart phones aren't only about voice calls anymore. It's best to keep your finger out of your nose while on a call - especially a video call!

Cell phones carry a lot of germs because they come into contact with so many surfaces. He's going to pay for being nosy on his cell phone by getting a cold!

Bad Cell Phone Service?

Here's a hint. If you need to use a bullhorn to be heard by the other person on the line, then perhaps you might need to find a new cell phone company!

Maybe next time try texting?

It Looks Like a Sandwich

My "sandwich" keeps talking back to me? OMG! I just discovered the first-ever talking sandwich! I'm going to be richhhh!

Looks like it might be time to figure out the parental controls on that cell phone before it's too late and the kid's ordering merchandise online!

Tough Decisions for a Young Businessman

"I don't know which stock I should invest in. Should I go with Toys R Us or Chuck E. Cheese?"

This kid looks like he means business! You have to wonder if he's setting up a play date or building an empire. Maybe he's interviewing some potential nannies - for his younger siblings, of course.

Everybody Needs a Break!

"Sorry, bro, but I'm exhausted! You and your gf talk, like, all the time. So yeah, I'm taking a week off. I suggest you learn how to write a letter the traditional way!"

If only cell phones could have a frank talk with their owners, they'd probably have plenty to say.

Anybody Have a Jumper Cable?

My cell phone won't start! How can I "jump-start" the battery?

If your cell phone's battery keep draining quickly, you might want to examine what apps are running. A cell phone's like a brain: too many things going on and it's going to get exhausted.

Cell Phone Yoga

This is known as the "take a photo" pose.

Pro tip: While yoga will indeed make you more flexible, bringing your cell phone to yoga will get you kicked out.

Cell Phone of the Ancients

Wondering what a cell phone would have looked like if the technology had been available during the time of the Flintstones?

Perhaps Fred Flinstone would have earned that promotion had he been more accessible by cell phone to Mr. Slate?

Not Impressed

This cat appears to be saying, "What is the big deal with this thing? My human stares at this thing all day. I just don't get it."

Hopefully the phone gets good reception. Otherwise the cat will start howling, "Can you hear me meow?"

Monkeying Around

Most people worry about the number of bars their cell phones have because it indicates how good (or bad) the phone's reception will be.

The bars this guy is most concerned with? Monkey bars, of course!

It's Not Urgent

Hey parents: it's not necessary to grab a photo of every moment of your kid's childhood - especially the one's where they look terrified! Nobody wants to see that photo.

Cell phones have quickly replaced cameras. There are so many types of cell phones from which to choose. If you're serious about photos, choose a phone with great photo-taking capabilities.

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Free Funny Cell Phone Pictures