Free Funny Cell Phone Pictures

Strange Focus

The cell phone camera has a rather rudimentary lens, but by holding it close to one object (such as a face, here) you can make some very cartoonish effects.

Hey, Baby!

One wonders if he's talking to his girlfriend or just another young pal?

I Prefer Cell Phones for a Reason!

Is it possibly because you have atrocious nose etiquette?

Bad Cell Phone Service?

Here's a hint. If you need to use a blowhorn to be heard by the other person on the line, then perhaps you might need to find a new cell phone company!

It Looks Like a Sandwich

My "sandwich" keeps talking back to me? OMG! I just discovered the first-ever talking sandwich! I'm going to be richhhh!

Tough Decisions for a Young Businessman

"I don't know which stock I should invest in. Should I go with Toys R Us or Chuckee Cheese?"

Everybody Needs a Break!

"Sorry, bro, but I'm exhausted! You and your gf talk, like, all the time. So yeah, I'm taking a week off. I suggest you learn how to write a letter the traditional way!"

Anybody Have a Jumper Cable?

My cell phone won't start! How can I "jump-start" the battery?

Cell Phone Yoga

This is known as the "take a photo" pose.

Cell Phone of the Ancients

Wondering what a cell phone would have looked like if the technology had been available during the time of the Flintstones?

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Free Funny Cell Phone Pictures