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One of the best ways to remember the King of Rock n' Roll is to download free Elvis Presley ringtones.

The Popularity of Free Elvis Presley Ringtones

A quick search on Google Trends for "Elvis" provides a fascinating glimpse at the enduring popularity of this musical icon. Popular search returns for "Elvis" surpass those for Sting, Elton John, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, and The Beatles. While searches for other musical icons spike and dip over time, searches for Elvis are constant and strong, and have been for many years. The Elvis Information Network maintains a library of hundreds of television shows and documentaries that have features the topic of Elvis Presley. It is clear that The King remains one of the most popular musical icons of all time.

Why Download Free Elvis Presley Ringtones?

iLike is the service that powers the sidebar in iTunes and Windows Media Player which suggests new music and provides a network for music lovers to recommend music over the iLike social network. On iLike, Elvis Presley maintains a strong fan base of over 346,000 fans. Even in death, the King competes with other musical legends who still live.

Reviewing the most popular song downloads on iLike also offers a list of some of the best Elvis Presley cellphone ringtone possibilities.

  1. Hound Dog - For that ex-boyfriend who just won't stop calling
  2. Jailhouse Rock - Perfect for when your uncle, the ex-convict, starts calling
  3. Suspicious Minds - Use this ringtone for your wife, just make sure she doesn't find out
  4. Heartbreak Hotel - Use this ringtone for the ex-boyfriend who you should have stayed with
  5. Love Me Tender - A classic musical tribute to the one you're in love with

Downloading Elvis Ringtones

Locating and downloading free Elvis Presley ringtones can be a lot of fun. Because of the popularity of Elvis ringtones, finding an Elvis song for your phone is very easy.

How to Download a Ringtone

When you find a ringtone you like, you will need to have the ringtone sent to your phone. This is because downloading a ringtone isn't quite the same as downloading music to your computer. The ringtone has a particular format that works on your phone, so the host of the file needs to send the file to your phone by calling your cellphone number. The process of downloading a ringtone is as follows.

  1. After you find a ringtone you like, click "Download".
  2. Register for a login and password if you need to.
  3. You will usually need to provide an email address, and select your cellular carrier company.
  4. The website will send the ringtone to your cellphone number.

Where to Download the Ringtones

Cellphone users are downloading ringtones more than ever before. Ringtones typically cost between $1.50 to $3.00, but most people like to change ringtones often. If you plan to download free Elvis Presley ringtones, consider downloading several of them so that you can use multiple ringtones for different callers.The Elvis Presley Ringtones available online are either MP3 or polyphonic tones. The following websites offer some of the most popular Elvis songs available as ringtones.

AZ Ringtones - This site offers over 80 hit songs like All Shook Up, Always On My Mind, American Trilogy, and Blue Christmas. - This site has a few ringtones you can download in mp3 format, like My Love, My Darling; Blue Suede Shoes, Can't Help Falling in Love, and more

Funtonia - Funtonia is one of the more organized ringtone sites. The Elvis ringtones here are only 1 cent, virtually free considering that the money surely goes to maintain the website. This great ringtone site offers "Don't Be Cruel", "Love Me Tender", and "Viva Las Vegas."

Some Final Words

Ringtones may be a passing fad, like the Rubix Cube or the Hula Hoop. However, one thing that is certain is that certain musical icons throughout history have legends that transcend passing fads. By downloading ringtones featuring your favorite Elvis songs, you are able to stay in step with communication technology that represents the future, while holding fast to the greatest music of the past.


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