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While you could certainly use the ringtones that are preloaded on your cell phone, it is much more fun to expand with some free composer ringtones. These new ringers won't cost you a penny, but they can bring a lot of extra joy for cell phone users around the world.

Beyond Commercially Available Ringtones

There are two big assumptions that many users make about their mobile phones. Some assume that the only cell phone ringtones you can use are the ones that come with the cell phone out of the box. That's not true. Other people assume that the only way you can get more ringtones for your phone is through premium paid services, oftentimes through the wireless carrier.

For this latter option, it is not out of the ordinary to spend anywhere from 99 cents to $5 dollars for a single ringtone. This may not sound like a lot of money, but the added expense is largely unnecessary for most handsets. Free composer ringtones can free you from these expensive shackles.

Where to Find Free Composer Ringtones

In addition to the many websites online that seem to offer a wide range of free possibilities, some phones come with special integrated software for new ringers. Called the "Composer" on many handsets, this allows a manual method for creating new ringers.

If you have a Nokia and it does not come preloaded with Composer, it is possible to download this software application at Sourceforge for free.

By and large, it is easier to find and use free downloadable ringtones instead. Many websites and free services can offer a range of options, including everything from Bruce Springsteen to Christmas ringtones. Some will send you a text message with a download link; some will get you to download the ringtones to your computer first, getting you to transfer the file to your phone yourself.

Before partaking in some of these seemingly free services, be sure to read the terms of service carefully. They may come with hidden fees or they may sell your information to third parties. No one likes spam.

Like Reading Sheet Music

This is dependent on your exact handset, but you may be able to make your own Nokia ringtones using the Composer application. This app is usually found under Media or some other similar folder on your Nokia phone.

From there, you can input the individual notes to make free polyphonic ringtones. This can seem like a very daunting task, especially for people who are not musically-inclined, so that's why websites like Nigel Coldwell's can be so helpful. Nigel has a huge list of composer ringtones with each of the individual notes. Input them in your phone and reap the rewards.

To the uninitiated, the individual notes in the Nokia composer can look like gibberish. You'll be shown strings of characters like 32f2, 16g2, 8c2, and 8#a1. Confused? You're not alone. It will take time. Don't forget to adjust the tempo in Composer too, since this can vastly change the overall feel of a ringtone.

A Little Creative Expression Too

Feeling particularly brave? With some practice and some patience, it is perfectly possible to use the integrated Nokia Composer feature to concoct your own polyphonic ringtones.

The list offered by Nigel Coldwell is quite extensive, to be sure, but it is not exhaustive. If there are some more recent tunes or even a forgotten classic song that you would like recreated on your phone, using the composer feature can be a great way to introduce it as a ringtone.

Don't be afraid to experiment. Who knows? The Nokia handset of your choosing could soon transform you into a digital Mozart or Beethoven!

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Free Composer Ringtones