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Whether you're looking for applications that can help boost your productivity or provide new entertainment options on your BlackBerry device, there are plenty of apps you can get free. While you can find many of them at the BlackBerry App World, the rise of new mobile app store websites gives you additional choices for finding free apps.

Examples of Free BlackBerry Curve Apps

Some of the most common apps are for social networking, online shopping, multimedia, image editing and document reading. You'll also find free utilities that manage your phone's settings and add new features to built-in functions. Below are some examples of well-known apps.


Evernote is an advanced note taking tool that syncs your data wherever you go, which means you can access your notes from your computer and other devices. You can use snapshots from your camera, audio notes and uploaded files in your notes. The app's search feature makes it easy to find content within your digital notebook.


BeeTag is a barcode scanner that uses your phone's camera to scan various types of codes on items and websites, including UPC, QR and BeeTagg codes. While scanning a product's UPC will show you product information and pricing, scanning a QR or BeeTagg code can find locations on maps, obtain information from websites, make phone calls, add events to your calendar and even save contacts to your phone.


Although you can view Facebook in your BlackBerry's browser, the Facebook app enriches your experience by letting you view notifications, upload images and videos, delete posts and check in at the places you visit. It also lets you send instant messages to your contacts through chat.


The Amazon app makes it easy to search for items and complete purchases on your phone. You'll be able to check order statuses, change your payment and shipping settings and use the 1-Click feature to place orders. Another cool feature is that you can take a picture of an item through the app, and Amazon will look for the item based on your photo.

Photo Studio

The free version of Photo Studio brings image editing capabilities to your phone and lets you use special effects, adjust an image's brightness and color, add borders and perform cropping and resizing. The app has built-in photo sharing that can post your creations to Facebook and Twitter or send them through the Messages app.

Screen Grabber Free

Have you ever wanted to save an image of what's on your screen, such as something in an app or on a website? Screen Grabber Free makes it quick and easy to make screenshots and is integrated with BlackBerry Messenger. You can share images with your contacts through messaging or email, as well as modify the file size when needed.

Mobipocket Reader

As an outstanding little free application that gives you the ability to turn your BlackBerry into a great mini e-reader, Mobipocket Reader lets you download books over your phone's mobile connection or from your computer using a USB cable. Most books offer free samples so you can read a portion before you decide to buy the full copy. The app also has a built-in dictionary.


If you love staying on top of the websites you visit on a regular basis, Viigo is one of the best and most comprehensive RSS readers available for the BlackBerry. Whether you use one of the app's 5,000 preset channels or add your own, you can keep up with the latest news in entertainment, weather, travel, finance and sports. The app also includes modules for listening to podcasts and using social networking websites.

Battery Booster Pro

Is your phone's battery not lasting as long as you'd like, or would you like to extensively monitor your battery level? Battery Booster Pro lets you adjust your phone's battery usage to last longer between charges and provides extensive tools for monitoring your battery's capacity and temperature. Other features include the ability to automatically start or shut down your phone according to a defined schedule and the ability to implement battery alerts.


Pandora lets you listen to free customized radio stations using your phone's Wi-Fi or cellular Internet connection. You can create stations by artist name, song title or composer, and your stations will be saved for access on your computer or other devices.


As an alternative to your BlackBerry's Messages app, CrunchSMS lets you customize your SMS and MMS messages with emoticons and signatures. The app also has a secure messaging tool and quick reply feature to make sending messages faster and more secure.

Places to Find Free Apps

There are many other apps available. Due to the popularity of the BlackBerry Curve, the development of free applications and games has been continuous. Check out BlackBerry App World. This site is the official source for both free and paid apps and displays lists that show you the most popular or highly rated apps at the time. You can search apps by keyword or browse by category.

Explore and Discover More BlackBerry Apps

While some smartphone users claim that BlackBerry Curve users don't have access to a sufficient number of apps, that is changing. If there's anything you want to accomplish on your phone, there's a good chance there's an app available that can fit your needs. Although pricey alternatives may be available, there's no reason to pay for these cool BlackBerry tools when you can find them for nothing.

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Free Blackberry Curve Applications Downloads