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Free Blackberry Storm apps can take your smartphone up a notch whether you want to add methods of entertainment or more practical applications to make your life easier and more organized. Before downloading an app, be sure to check whether the app is completely free or if you're just receiving a free trial. Some sites list free trials with free apps. Adding free apps to your Blackberry Storm is the perfect way to keep yourself organized and entertained.

Examples of Storm Apps

There are functional free apps for the Storm like the one that reads your messages to you as you drive or the SparkPeople app that tracks your calories and workouts. There are also purely fun apps, like Pandora and Smarter Wallpaper. No matter what you want to use your phone for, there's an app to streamline it and make it more fun or interesting.


Love music? Want to take it with you? Pandora customizes playlists for you based on the musicians you say you like.

Tether Your Blackberry eGuide

If you don't already know how to tether your Blackberry Storm to your computer to use the Internet with your data plan, this guide can teach you for free. You won't need to buy software.

SparkPeople Diet and Calorie Tracker

If you're a fan of the online SparkPeople program that helps track calorie, workouts, diets, and more, you'll love this free app from the same company. You can make up meal plans, track calories (that you eat and burn), track your weight, and keep up with your water intake.

Smarter Wallpaper

If you get bored with the same image on your Blackberry's background day after day, you'll enjoy Smarter Wallpaper's ability to change your background randomly. You can change the interval to switch the image up as frequently as you'd like. The coolest part? Some of the images come from live webcams from around the world, so you can have pictures of the Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, Times Square, Egyptian Pyramids, and more. It might be hard to keep your eyes off your phone.


Texting and emailing while driving are not only illegal in many states, but dangerous. This free app will read your texts and emails to you, so if you just can't wait until you're safely parked to find out what your messages say, this is a safer way to do it.


Check out 41 translations of the Bible in 22 languages on a device that goes everywhere with you. Browse or search by keyword or phrase if you're looking for something in particular, or use the Daily Reader feature to make sure you get through the whole Good Book in a year. You can even send a specific verse to a contact if you feel that they would benefit.

GT Blackjack Online

Log in and play a game of blackjack with other users around the world when you're stuck in a waiting room or looking for a way to kill time.


The WeatherBug app lets you select a location and then shows a seven-day forecast, maps, wind chill, heat index, and more, that you can access with a touch to the icon on your home screen. The icon itself will give an up-to-date overview of the weather conditions in your pre-selected city along with the high and low temperatures expected for that day.

Finding Free Blackberry Storm Apps is a great place to find all sorts of free Blackberry Storm apps. Get apps for instant messaging, social networking, streaming media, utilities, and mapping.

AppWorld shows you the top free Blackberry Storm apps available right now. You'll see the top paid ones as well, so you can purchase one or two of those if you're interested while you're at it. If you're afraid you'll be too tempted to buy but really shouldn't spend the money, don't worry. You can filter your results by choosing to show only the free apps in any given category. suggests the top seven Blackberry Storm apps.

Load up on free apps for the Storm when you see some that you like. They don't usually take up a lot of space and they can come in handy when you're bored or frazzled. With so much to keep up with yet so many instances when there's time to kill, what better way to solve the problem than with a device you'll usually have in your pocket or purse anyway?

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Free BlackBerry Storm Apps