Flirty Texting

flirty texting

Flirty texting is a way to remind your partner that you're thinking about him or her throughout the day. As long as you're being careful, no one has to know about it but the two of you. Send them whenever you please!

That's a much better way to brighten your loved one's day without having to try scheduling a flirty phone call! They're short, they're cute, they're romantic, and they're quiet. That's the allure of flirty texting.

The Benefits of Flirty Texting

If your relationship is going through a tough spot or you're in a new relationship that makes you want to be together all the time, flirty texting can keep things alive when day-to-day life intrudes on your romance. They're a quick, inexpensive way to say, "Thinking of you." They cost less than a Hallmark card and significantly less than a grand bouquet of "just because" daisies sent to her desk at work (though you may want to try those from time to time, too).

They're also discreet. No one sees what you're typing on your cell phone. No one is likely to see what your lover sees on their cell phone screen when they receive your messages. Just be sure you double check the recipient before you hit send! There is nothing more embarrassing than sending a flirty text message to your boss, your mother-in-law, or a business client.

You can send a flirty picture with your text, too. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, and typing those thousand words on your cell phone's keypad would be a cumbersome task. If your plan allows you to send pictures via text, take an interesting picture of yourself, perhaps with a flirty caption-even something like, "Wish you were here"-- and send it out. If you're brave and at a comfortable point in your relationship, you can send a more risqué picture, but proceed with caution. Someone is much more likely to get a glimpse of a picture than the words in a message if your loved one happens to view the message in the company of others. If your message goes to the wrong person, it could be much more embarrassing than a simple romantic quote!

Sample Messages

You can create your own personalized messages, of course, referring to a favorite memory or your date the night before. If you've sent one of those lately and you're stumped for words that will make them blush and smile, you can borrow a quote from one of the great authors, musicians, or thinkers of all time. Look for quotes at sites like or for ideas. Some favorites include:

  • If I know what love is, it is because of you. - Herman Hesse
  • I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach... - Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  • I love thee, I love but thee/With a love that shall not die/Till the sun grows cold/And the stars grow old. - William Shakespeare

While it's a beautiful gesture to send a whole message or quote written out in its entirety, if it's very long and you don't have long to type it out, you can use texting abbreviations to get your point across quickly with fewer taps of the keys, a huge asset if you don't have a QWERTY keyboard on your phone.

Never underestimate the power of simple, direct flirty texting. A message like, "Can't wait to see you tonight," "Last night was amazing!" or even, "Guess what I'm wearing? ;)" can do the trick. Get their mind focused on something fun or frisky during their workday, time spent in a waiting room, or some other mundane task, if just for a minute. They'll like (or love) you more for it. Even a winking smiley face can convey a flirty mood and make them wonder exactly what you're planning for them.

The Bottom Line

You can try flirty texting even if you're far from Casanova. Just say you're thinking about your lover or you can try some of the more romantic texts that are already written for you in the form of poetry by some of the greatest writers in history or lines from your favorite play or movie (preferably something you've seen together!). Just be sure you're sending it to the right person in your address book.

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Flirty Texting