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There's a reason why Final Fantasy 7 ringtones are so popular. You see, when Hironobu Sakaguchi, the president of Square Ltd, created the first Final Fantasy game, it was a last ditch attempt to miraculously win success for his company. Well, the game has enjoyed overwhelming popularity and so have all those that followed. No wonder people love the associated ringtones!

The Popularity of Final Fantasy 7 Ringtones

Sakaguchi released the first Final Fantasy game in 1987. It was a role playing game unlike any other at the time. By today's standards, the game was nothing very special, however given the existing gaming technology at the time, it had cutting-edge visuals, impressive sound effects and a great soundtrack. The game quickly became one of the most popular RPGs of the time.

As the game gathered a following of gamers, Square Ltd continued to release sequels. The popularity of the series spread and by 2000, it reached legendary status. The latest Final Fantasy game in the series includes a very popular online gaming world and a stunning soundtrack. Much of the popularity of Final Fantasy 7 ringtones comes from the fact that the fan base of the game is so large. These gamers are constantly searching for products, such as video game ringtones, that add to their ability to immerse themselves into the world of Final Fantasy 7.

Downloading The Ringtones

Locating and uploading Final Fantasy 7 ringtones is very easy because there are so many websites that offer them. Below you'll find a list of the best sources with the largest variety of choices.

How to Download a Ringtone

When you find a ringtone you like, the method to download the ringtone is to have the ringtone site send the file directly to your phone with a phone call.

  1. After you find a ringtone you like, click "Download" or "Send to Phone."
  2. Register for a login and password if necessary.
  3. Select your cellular carrier company and phone number.
  4. The website will send the ringtone to your cellphone.

Where to Download the Ringtones

Once downloading ringtones became fashionable, every genre that could have them started developing ringtones. These included movie and game soundtracks as well as clips from popular hit songs. As time went on, you could find ringtones on fan websites for TV shows, social networking sites that cover fringe subjects, and other places you would not expect to find them. The websites where you would expect to find them, such as gaming sites, exploded with thousands of available tones and thousands of websites that offer them. Such is the case with Final Fantasy 7 ringtones.

The cost of these ringtones typically range from free to between $1 and $3. This makes it affordable to buy a number of them and use different ones for different callers, a capability of most phones. This lets you provide a meaningful ringtone that relates to a specific friend or family member, so that you will know who's calling without even looking at the phone.

Final Fantasy ringtones are available at the sites below either as MP3 or polyphonic tones. The following websites offer the most comprehensive archives of available ringtones dedicated to this niche.

The Top Five Final Fantasy 7 Ringtones Websites

  • Final Fantasy Net - This site offers an amazing archive of ringtones from all versions of the game. The main page lists about 70 links to other pages that offer hundreds of tones. The offerings range from the earliest FF versions from 1987 all the way to the last pages of game music from 2005 and beyond, including Final Fantasy 7.
  • RingoPhone -, always an excellent source for cellphone music, offers 5 full pages for this game, totaling 100 themes. Most of these are polyphonic tones, but you can find several "Realtone" files throughout the site.
  • FunTonia - This website offers only 10 Final Fantasy 7 ringtones, however what makes these unique is that these are MP3 ringtones. That means that the clarity of the music will be much closer to the original version. Examples available here include "If I Were a Carp", "The Pooka Sings", and "Arctic Circle'".
  • Final Fantasy Extreme - This site is very well designed, featuring most of the same imagery of the game itself. This site offers the ten top ranked ringtones, with easy links to each cellphone carrier. Tones offered here include "One Winged Angel", "X-2 Opening Theme", and "One Winged Angel".
  • FF Composer Ringtones - This simple website provides features the codes for the Nokia composer to play ringtones from all versions of the Final Fantasy series all the way up to Kingdom Hearts. If you have a Nokia with composer, this site is tremendous. Tones here include "Balamb Garden", "FF XIX Battle Theme", or "Destiny Island" from Kingdom Hearts.

Some Final Words

Final Fantasy 7 will likely remain one of the most popular role playing video games ever created. The evolution of this game has led it from the pixelated video of the 1980s to a worldwide online gaming sensation in 2008. The gaming world is likely to see subsequent releases of this successful video game series. It is also just as likely that even more ''Final Fantasy;; ringtones will be released as each new game comes out.

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