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Facebook for iPhone

Michael Kwan
Facebook for iPhone

One of the more popular ways to use Apple's famous touchscreen cell phone is to utilize the Facebook for iPhone application. More and more, users want to stay as connected as possible with their friends and family in the most efficient of ways. Instead of sending individual text messages to those in your inner circle, it's oftentimes more convenient to post a Facebook update instead.

Social Networking on the Go

Just as services like Twitter and MySpace are garnering all sorts of attention while you are online on your computer, the same can be said about Facebook for iPhone. Further still, this application is even more useful, because you can quickly and easily use it on the go. It doesn't matter if you're sitting in class, waiting at the dentist's office, or riding the subway, because Facebook is right there in your pocket.

Since Facebook is so popular these days, it's not at all surprising that Facebook for iPhone is one of the most valued free iPhone apps. You can't really beat the price of free. Further still, it's not completely necessary to get this as a download for your iPhone, because it is just a specialized webpage ( You can install the app, of course, for one-touch access to Facebook for iPhone.

Navigating Facebook for iPhone

So, how can you get around the Apple iPhone version of Facebook? After installing the appropriate Facebook application for the iTunes App Store, you will be presented with a simplified and streamlined interface for the social networking site. There is a main title bar at the top and then four navigational tabs.

Updating Your Status

At the very top of the page, you'll find a link marked as "Status" on the left-side. This simple iPhone extra gives you one-touch access to updating your Facebook status. This way, you always have access to your Facebook status update, regardless of where you find yourself on the Facebook for iPhone application.

On the top-right of the page is a link for the Search feature. This, like the Status link, is always visible.

The Home Page

The first tab on the iPhone Facebook page is called Home. Here, you'll find the same kind of information that you would find on the regular Facebook homepage.

The first sub-tab is called News Feed and this gives you a quick feed of what your Facebook friends have done or posted lately. This includes things like status updates, posted links, uploaded photographs, wall posts, and so on. The second sub-tab is called Events and it lists the various events that are available through your Facebook account.

Your Profile

The second tab is called Profile and this shows your own profile. You get to view your information, for example, which would include your networks, sex, birthday, relationship status, website, activities, interests, and favorite books. You would also go to your Profile tab to view your wall and to browse through your photos.

Facebook Friends

Want to see if your friends want to buy an iPhone? Then head on over to the third tab in the Facebook for iPhone application to see the latest status updates from your Facebook friends. You get thumbnails of their profile pictures, the most recent status update, and the time of the most recent status update.

If you click on the second sub-tab (called "Online"), you will be able to see which of your Facebook friends are currently logged into their accounts. From here, you are able to click through to see their profiles, but the iPhone Facebook app does not allow for real-time chat like the full website.

The third tab, called Photos, shows you the most recent pictures and albums uploaded by your friends.

Checking the Inbox

The fourth and final tab on the Facebook app for the Apple iPhone is Inbox. This is where any direct messages would be stored. You can also send messages from here as well.

Facebook for iPhone