Droid Applications

Droid Applications

If you want to get the most out of your newly acquired smartphone, then you'll definitely want to explore the vast world of Droid applications. Just as you can install a variety of software on your computer, Android cell phones provide a great platform for first- and third-party applications.

Applications Galore

Gaming Apps

  • Angry Birds revolutionized the world when it first launched in December 2009. Known as the ultimate time waster, Angry Birds lets you use a slingshot to knock out pigs who've stolen your precious eggs.
  • Bebbled is a gem-shuffling game where you drop colored gems on similarly colored gems to nuke them into oblivion. The goal is to knock out all the gems through 33 levels and three difficulty settings.
  • Sketch Online brings Pictionary to your mobile phone through a multiplayer interface where one player draws a picture and then the other players try to guess what the picture represents.

Social Networking Apps

  • Facebook is easily one of the biggest social networks on the Internet today, so it makes sense that the Android app for it is also very popular. Share information, check out the news feed, browse through pictures, and even look up phone numbers.
  • Twitter is another popular social networking application. It's a great option for your smartphone because of its focus on immediate, real-time communication between friends, family members and the general public.

Productivity Apps

  • Google Docs serves you up with a mobile web interface from which you may create and edit documents, as well as view PDF documents and presentations. You may also share your documents with contacts on your address list.
  • CamScanner permits you to convert your pictures into PDFs. As an example, you can take a picture of a newspaper article, receipt or contract and then instantly turn it into a PDF that you can store on your phone for later.

Audio/Video Apps

  • YouTube opens the door to millions of free online videos, from homemade films to comedy sketches, music videos, short movie clips and even the latest national and international news footage.
  • Pandora keeps you entertained with your own free personalized radio station. Music and talk are streamed over the Internet directly to your phone, based on your specific preferences. Choose from your favorite artists, songs, composers, and more.
  • MX Video Player is a full-fledged media player that can be utilized to watch and listen to movies and songs that you've downloaded from the Internet or uploaded to your phone from your desktop or laptop computer.

Student Apps

  • Dictionary provides you with access to the definitions of over 375,000 words, as well as the synonyms and antonyms to 300,000 words. Plus, each word comes with an included audio pronunciation function.
  • Campus Maps brings your university campus directly to your phone, thus allowing you to track your precise movements and never get lost again. Keep in mind the app only supports 80 campuses.
  • Class Buddy lets you conveniently organize your hectic life by tracking your courses, classes, lectures, assignments, grades and more. Also included is a cumulative GPA calculator.

Parenting Apps

  • Life360 Family Locator places your family members' current locations at your fingertips, meaning no more scratching your eyes out, worrying where in the world your spouse or child has gone.
  • Our Groceries syncs your family's grocery list with every family member's phone. You may choose whether you want to just sync with your partner or if you'd also like to sync with your children.
  • Baby ESP is an advanced baby tracker that helps you closely monitor all of your baby's activities, including its eating, sleeping and pooping habits. In addition, you can print out statistical reports to help you identify patterns.

Get to Downloading

The next step involves simply signing into the Android Marketplace, locating the application you want using the search bar and then merely clicking the "Install" button. Feel free to first browse the store, as it's literally teeming with tens and thousands of songs, books, movies and applications.

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Droid Applications