Downloads for MyTouch Phone

Downloads for MyTouch Phone

One of the main reasons you may consider buying a smartphone in the first place is the ability to install a variety of applications; so you should definitely be interested in some of the downloads for the MyTouch phone from T-Mobile. Whether you want games, productivity tools, or time management software, there's something here for you.

What Is the T-Mobile MyTouch?

Before taking a look at some of the downloads for MyTouch phone, it may be appropriate to consider the actual T-Mobile MyTouch smartphone. This is the latest iteration in Google Android smartphones from T-Mobile, following up on the T-Mobile G1 that was released in 2008.

Known as the HTC Magic in some other markets, the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G comes equipped with a large touchscreen display, high-speed mobile broadband connectivity, a built-in digital camera, and plenty of integrated support for Google services and other online tools.

Getting Downloads for MyTouch Phone

The Apple iPhone from AT&T has access to a huge app store where users can download a variety of applications for the popular touchscreen smartphone. While the marketplace isn't quite as robust as its iPhone equivalent, the equivalent marketplace for downlaods for MyTouch phone also offers a variety of applications.

This is performed through what is called Android Market.

Android Market

Firing up the Android Market on the MyTouch 3G or any other Android-baed phone, you are granted the ability to download applications directly to the handheld over the wireless broadband connection. There is no need to connect the smartphone to a computer; everything can be done over the cellular connection.

Example Apps for MyTouch 3G

So, what kind of cell phone apps are availble through the Android Market? What kind of downloads for the MyTouch phone can you get? Here are a few examples.

  • PAC-MAN by Namco: Interested in some nostalgic arcade action? Guide everyone's favorite yellow sphere through the maze, gobbling pellets and avoiding ghosts. The best part is that this game for Android is available for free!
  • Save MMS: When you receive an MMS message from a friend or colleague, you can use this free application to download the pictures, audio, and video directly to your memory card.
  • WikiMobile Encyclopedia: Need to get the straight facts quickly? This app lets you carry over two million Wikipedia articles, including pictures, in the palm of your hand.
  • Power Manager: If you find yourself constantly reaching for a wall outlet to charge your phone? No longer! This handy application extends your battery life by helping you better manage the power usage of your phone.
  • aHome: Maybe customization is more your cup of tea? Use aHome to replace your home screen with custom wallpapers, icons, drawer tabs, docks, fonts, widgets, and more.
  • Air Hockey: Rather than venture to the old rec room, you can play a virtual version of air hockey using the touchscreen on your phone. The computer-controller opponent gets progressively more challenging as you prove your worth.

These MyTouch downloads are just the tip of the iceberg! Whether you need tip calculators, cool games, instant messaging tools, or multimedia managers, the MyTouch 3G can do it.

Expanding Functions, Enhancing Personalization

Even though the television commercials may lead you to believe that the Apple iPhone is the only place where you can download a wide range of fun and useful applications, this is not the case. T-Mobile offers a similar experience with its Android phones, including the MyTouch 3G. Use Android Market and download anything you need.

For more information, check out the official websites for the T-Mobile MyTouch smartphone.

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Downloads for MyTouch Phone